parents caught me smoking, need advice

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  1. i've been smoking since the end of august '08, it started like.. once a week, and towards the peak it got to about 4-5 times a week. they have always been suspicious of me because im the "problem child", not like.. a weird kid, but just, i present more problems to them than my sister.

    well, so i was smoking upstairs in my room in (yes.. here it comes) my mom's house. i was with my friend and we were smoking a fresh bowl with the window open, which we had done MANY times before. so she walks upstairs, and i hear her coming up the stairs, so i walk out my door and close it and she says "what the fuck is that smell?", so basically i give myself up because there's no denying it at this point.. so she kicks my friend out and calls my dad to come over.

    basically, my mom has never smoked weed in her life and my dad has for like a year in his HS years. so he, being the realist, told me not to do anything more than weed.. and my mother told me to be drug free, completely, forever. obviously that won't happen. but she's got shit over my head, like.. my room, my laptop, my phone, my BMW that i'm gettng soon, ect).. so she says that if i'm not drug free, i can't get a car. so.. here's my problem. i LOVE smoking, i love the people, the lifestyle, the expereiences, i just love it. and i will not quit.

    i don't know what to do. she thinks weed is horrible and will ruin my life, which is won't, i'm very careful with it. i just don't know what to do though. i can't see my best friends anymore, she won't give me cash anymore (even for food), she won't let me do anything without checking up on me now, i cannot live like this. especially with summer approaching.

    i just don't want to give up my life, which is not weed, but the friends, the nights out, the expereiences, just because of this woman's ignorance about the subject.

    i really need some advice here. thanks.
  2. Your mom is buying you a BMW? Jesus Christ dude do you know how lucky you are?

    On topic though, just quit smoking until you get the car, then since you can drive you can smoke all you want without getting caught. I know what it's like having to stealth smoke at home, but when I got my car it was very easy. I know various spots around town where I can park and get out and blaze, or I just drive around and do it in my car. Either way, just carry some Ozium (or other good spray), some gum and some eye drops and you will never get caught. Just be smart about it.
  3. ... Is she gonna give you a UA to get a car? Id say just dont smoke so you can pass that, then its all good :S. Buuuut...... If your old enough to drive, you should be old enough to move out soon enough. Just hang tight, smoke some, but dont get caught lol, and get a job and start saving for an apartment! Then when you move into that, you can grow your own autoflowering strains under some cheap cfls in your closet, never have to buy your own weed. And smoke your free bud in your apartment and not worry about it.
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    Well, its a 2004 used BMW that costs about 17k without taxes, my current car is worth about 12k so its no big deal, i was going to pay some of the remainder anyway.

    Let's just say i'm not old enough to go to college (i'm a junior in HS). I'm getting a job in the next month. And she said she will drug test me whenever she wants, which I assume means when I get the car.

    Also I cannot get my license until August
  5. fool. u can go without smoking for a month or 2. i went for 9 months before i started again. an btw try not to say ur a junior in hs on here.
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    i can still be 18.

  7. Dude... a.... bimmer.....


    U LUCKY CUNT. i should change my user name to I_hate_you

    eitherway yeah dont worry to much, just DONT GET CAUGHT AGAIN! dont be stupid!

  8. Still, you need to look at the risk vs. the reward. I would rather give up weed for six months and get a beamer at the end of the line than get caught smoking and not get the car. But I know how great MJ is and I realize that even though it's not addictive, it's hard to quit.

    So my advice is to just be very smart about how/where/when you smoke. My family is kind of the same as yours. My dad doesn't give a shit, he used to smoke and he is reasonable about it. My mom is a very straight arrow... she's the type to call it "pot" and "getting stoned" or "smoking drugs", and buys into all the propaganda (she swears it's addictive), but my dad talks some sense into her.

    Anyway, about being smart about stealth smoking... just do it when you're out, and always have eye drops (get some that you know do a good job, like Rohtos... some cheaper eye drops just make your eyes worse), gum/mints, and spray on hand. That way, you can never get caught. I've been doing it for a while and it's always worked for me.
  9. Quit. I don't think i like weed more than a BMW dude :p And, when you get that car? Roll out to a secluded place a light up with your friends.

  10. WoWW I just read this part.. my advice is to quit being a spoiled brat and respect thy mother and thy father. I wanna smack you.
  11. Dutchx8, Best advice yet, thanks
  12. I hate my boss, just so you know I work my ass off around this house and in school and i've had two jobs in the past 6 months. I have all A's and B's and am in three extraciriculars and get awards in all of them. I'm just such a brat, you're right.
  13. Ever heard the saying, If you love something, you have to let it go sometimes. I believe that is whatyou have to do this time myfriend, give it up for a few months its not hard, ive done it while on probation. Just wait until summer again man, school is almost out I know that, dunno when but soon.

  14. I have some advice: Bitching about having to choose between weed and a car that most ppl on here will never be able to afford, let alone in their junior year in high school is a bad idea if you care about your cred. You know those arrogant rich kids in movies that nobody likes?...
  15. sell your mom off as a sex slave

  16. wooooordddd:wave:
  17. Fuck a beamer. Blow the shit in her face and when she kicks your ass out you can buy your own car like people do in the real world.
  18. This dude knows what the fuck is up.

    The real world ain't that great.
  19. obviously you dont live where I do :D

    me and my friends are the only ones whos parents dont pay for expensive cars. and I'm glad of that cause it tends to make you act like a dick

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