Parents being douche bags

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  1. Okay so basicly the house is a complete mess, its all my dads crap, my brothers and some of it is mine but not as much. My rents came home from camping tonight and me and my girl get blamed for all the dishes and crap like that as always even though my bro made all the fucking mess as always but hes not here to get yelled at.

    So they start yelling at m girl and I, she ends up going home because she cant deal with it and I just cleaned a bit. My dad told me he wants me out and blah blah meanwhile my brother gets nothing at all and by tomorrow he wont care quite as much so my bro gets off scot free again. I have a full time job making like 18$ an hour 40 a week but I have a car payment and stuff like that, and also it is not a career type of job I am going back to school in sept, so he basicly fucked that up as well and if this happens I will be stuck in a shitty job the rest of my life.

    Sorry for the rant but honestly just like I told him if I end up anywhere it will be in jail when I beat the living fuck out of him

    For the record, yes I am 20 years old and living at home, too bad my borther is 26 living at HOME AND HE IS LIKE 60 000 IN DEBT BECAUSE OF HIS CAR! WTF get a life!
  2. I'm guessing they're giving you hell dude, because this probably isn't the first time they've seen this kind of crap from you. Try calming down a bit, talk to your parents, and tell them they should have a bit more respect for your girlfriend (even though, they're nice enough to let her stay at your place), explain that the mess wasn't yours but it was your brother. Parents have a whole lot of crap to deal with, so you can't blame them for blowing their gasket every once in awhile. Sometimes you got to bite your tongue when you're staying at their place, because they're the ones putting a roof over your head.
  3. This is trye, but we get screamed at usually once a day over the same SHIT and every fucking time my borhter is NOT HOME. All weekend long we cleaned up his mess and while we were out he dirtied a whole shit load of crap and left everything a mess. he then went to his friends, parents came home then we came home and bam we get all the yelling.

    I have NEVER heard them yelling at him.

    Also when I try and talk to him he just tells me he will have a talk with him and crap meanwhile nothing ever happens. I swear my bro plans this shit out

    and i know they are putting a roof over my head but DAMN I cant take it anymore! this same crap has happend since I quit school when I was 16... I just got my highschool less then a month ago and thats still not good enough!
  4. Boy, that does suck. You just got to tough it out a bit man, atleast until you can get by on your own. I can see how annoying that could be though, why not knock some sense into your brother? He seems like a douche, no offense.

  5. Trust me he is a douche! He would afford to move out on his own when he was 19 just like me and instead decided he wanted the factest honda civic in fucking canada and he wasted like 40 grand on it. not only that he says hes buying a brand new honda S2000 this year which is another 60 000 and he only makes the same as me, like 18 an hour
  6. It probably looks sketchy to them that the person making the mess is never there...
  7. Fuck parents, man. Seriously.

    Mine are being douches, over weed though.

    Kinda the same situation, though. Tellin' me to leave, cause I'm a stoner, and that they're giving me back all the cash I saved for university so that I can go buy drugs and a rat-infested abode somewhere. Makin' out like no college kids smoke weed. LOL. Give me a god damned break.

    Can't reason with them. My brother is also favoured, I'm sure of it. He gets away with everything, is a tattle-tale to the max, and is straight edge as they come, and treats me like a fuckin' scummy dog when I'm high.

    "SHUT UP! You're fuckin' high. Go do your drugs!" etc.

    Fuck, I can't wait till I die.
  8. lol yea

    this seems to be ur brother's fault according to you, so deal with him. i had problems like this, parents blame everything on me instead of my brother and his bitch AND 2 LITTLE GIRLS. i just always stayed in my room when i was home and used the same bowl and fork so they couldnt blame dishes on me lol
  9. Do what I did: Work out, put your brother in his place on a daily basis for about two weeks, and see if he still does the same shit as usual. I was the youngest guy out of four and got my ass beat on the daily til I was 17. Worked up the sibling food chain by establishing dominance.
  10. probably dont want u turn into ur brother, they might have already lost hope for himn
  11. He spent 40g on a civic? All you need is like 5g or less into the engine/suspension and you pretty much got all you can get out of it. what a waste of money
  12. they still love you.

    so does jesus, but just stick with the parents.

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