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Parent Trouble

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StickyIkyMarley, May 24, 2010.

  1. My mom just came downstairs and I have been toking up all day, I had my pipe and was blowing it straight into my fireplace and so when I was done I lit a smoke to watch some family guy and cover the smell.. Its hot over here so the windows were open and the fan was on and all of a sudden after I put the smoke out she comes and and says she smells smoke and starts yelling at me, I pretend I have something in the kitchen to do so I can get my mouth/hands wet and she starts flipping out... I think she is on my ass now so what do I do? :smoking:
  2. For one, respect your parents and their rules if you are living under their roof. If she doesn't want you smoking inside, then just do it outside.
  3. Well my mom is a 50 year old british republican.. She is not a fan of weed peroid
  4. then don't do it in her house. That's a no-brainer.
  5. haha, lock yourself in your room x)
  6. Ok thanks, I will journey outside and risk a cop staring at me (100 feet away)
  7. Or you could move out.

  8. go to a secluded place outside like the woods
  9. i remember when my mom found out i smoked in my room she got pretty mad. she doesnt care if i do it on the back porch so i usually just sit on the couch back there or go and lay on my lounge chairs on my deck. i don't have to worry about the cold weather either because i live in Florida. :D
  10. Instead of shooting down every suggestion and offering sarcastic responses maybe you should give us a more detailed post on your situation. That way we can help and it makes you less of an asshole. I don't know about that last part, the jury is still out.

    How in the fuck would WE know you have a cop parked outside your door? So in the interest of humanity and communication. GIVE US MORE INFORMATION. We're only as good as the information YOU provide. Jesus. :rolleyes:
  11. Lit a smoke? Smoked a cigarette? She got mad at weed smoke or cig smoke?

    Im confused...
  12. Well, that eliminates indoors and outdoors, so it's obviously impossible to smoke weed and get away with it--that's why no one has ever done it before.

    Looks like you'll just have to quit and move on.

  13. I lol'd.
  14. I did too and I'm not even high. :eek:
  15. Same, just re-read it high and still got a good smile out of it.
  16. I can't tell if you're a kid... or just a really stupid person. I'm gonna guess you're not even close to 18. Oh well.
  17. Dude, OP, don't be so dumb.

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