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  1. This parasite is like no other
    all it cares about is greed and power

    consuming recources and destroying the land
    it has no sympathy for the wiser man

    controlling a land with a blind hand
    all it cares about is the chain of command

    climbing to the top without rythm or reason
    the time has come for mass treason

    This parsite is like no other
    by god it will put us under
  2. This is delightful, you have a way with words.

    Wanna be my boyfriend? ;)
  3. WOW! This poem is absolutely amazing! It goes deep into the worst parasite that the world has ever seen... US! My friend, has had his tubes tied bc he is dedicated to not contributing to the human disease. I've written some poetry that is similiar to this. Very well written my friend post more if you feel like it would be fun/interesting/something to do. lol

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