paranormal expierences.

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  1. has anyone been high (or sober) and seen something just odd as the jersey devil or a ghost. I used to love reading about stuff like that and aliens when i was blitzed so i came to the realization what about other stoners? have they ever seen anything?!

    Well i guess i'll start. this story actually took place when i was blazed. My friend didnt blaze at the time so it was only me high we decide to ride bikes to tacobell which is about a mile away from where i was living.(i was about 14 at the time so thats why we didnt drive) Its night its an empty road and where just biking along smoking ciggerettes laughing having an all around good time. out of nowhere we here a howl coming from a nearby corn field. I have never stopped so fast before. we looked at eachother and i let out a "Did you hear that"(i'm high so i thought it was just me at first) he responded"Yah" he looks over and turns pale and bikes away super fast. I catch up with him and we just bike in silence till we get to taco bell. I'm all happy with my bean burrito feeling some accomplishment. then he swore to me he saw a huge white looking thing not like a ghost but like a weird animal. i hadnt seen it but just by seeing his face,maybe he wasent lieing.
  2. ya...u guys were stoned out of your asses...dont think about it too much.
  3. yah and plus i was really really young so my imagination might have been blown way out of proportion.But the point of this thread is to share anything weird that has happened to you!
  4. I was dead sober sitting in my dads room watching tv last summer and a mini wood baseball bat was on the table I heard a noise looked over it was spining at a very hgih rate fo speed and lifting off the fucking table!!! so I ran to the other side of the house and didnt go back for hours lol
  5. I hear shit and see shit all the time. Dont have to be high. Seen some UFO's in the sky in the past with my pops and brother. Also sometimes i feel like my room is haunted or someshit but i just talk to the ghost and offer it a hit, doesnt hurt to try right. Oh and my mom told me when i was younger, around 7yrs old she went to my room to close the blinds and said that when she went into the room the blinds were closed and there was a lady all in white standing in my room and as soon as she blinked she was gone. She also said that, that night she made me sleep in her room cuz she was scared. Its a tripped out thing to see but my mom is dead set on what she saw
  6. I was tripping on acid walking near the woods and I swear to god spirts were all around me.
  7. Entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity.
    - William of Ockham​

    To any and all who believe in the paranormal, please click on the link in my sig.

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  8. </P>

    There are some things in this world, Rasta, that cannot be explained, even by your 'almighty' critial thinking logic.

    Can YOU prove that there are NOT other realms/dimensions besides are own? Do you know the basic laws on how they might work?

    My guess is no.

    So, just because you cant explain it, does not mean you can cast it aside as nonsense.

    Back to the topic......

    I had a real interesting expirence with a medium this summer. I was back home in Arkansas and was in Eureka Springs which is a haven for wiccans and spiritualists in Arkansas. I walked in with the intention of getting my palm read, when the old lady turned around, her face paled, and her jaw dropped. She screamed at me, calling me a murderer, and that I had auras of souls clinging to me in hatred of me. I was occasionally evil in several of my past lives, so it doesnt suprise me.
  9. This is several fallacies rolled into one. It is most commonly recognized as affirmative conclusion from a negative premise, or even a false premise.

    It assume the premise is true, which there is no evidence for.

    Any way you cut it, this argument doesn't stand up under it's own weight.

    Your the claimant, the burden of proof is on you. Any argument you make out of this is an argumentum ad ignorantiam.

    You do?

    No, you'd be right if I were using an argument from personal incredulity.

    This is an argument based on the present evidence and scientific consensus.

    Oh yes, and by the way, anybody who can prove any of this, please, take this $1 million.
  10. Actually..this thread isnt a debate. But a thread to talk about paranormal expirences.

    But you came in here, and pretty much said anyone who thinks the paranormal is real is an idiot. So, go check out another thread.

  11. That means your arguement doesnt either, its a dual sided logic that never really answers itself, just makes more questions.
  12. I agree with you there. I've said my bit, and I don't want to hijack this thread.

    This will be my last one -- so don't bother replying.

    No, actually I didn't say that anywhere.

    The most intelligent people can believe in strange and unsubstantiated things, just take a look at Isaac Newton.

    I don't understand. Your argument is not even valid. Mine is.

  13. Rasta, I learned about Naturalists recently. You seem like one. Care for a friendly debate to prove it's illegitimacy?
  14. Let's see...I have heard a bizarre howl once while I was toking with a buddy of mine on a dirt road near my house. It sounded almost human...almost. Tripped us both out, bad.

    And once when I was down in my grandfather's shed, doing a little work on the boat (he built both the barn and the boat by hand). He passed away in 1997. Ritualistically, every morning at 7, he would head out to the barn with a big cup of coffee to start his day. It was about 7:08, and I sniffed around for a second, and the scent of coffee was overpowering. It sent a chill down my spine.

    For about six seconds. I had knocked over a cup of coffee grounds.
    But it really weirded me out...I have very strong feelings about my grandfather, I idolize him in every way possible and I am told by everyone who knew him that I'm practically a replica of him. If I ever saw a ghost, I'm sure it would be him.

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