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  1. Can the electric company see what time's lights run during the day and send high risk time changes or some technical shit?I mean if they track it like that wouldn't there be some way for them to tell and what they're looking for?Personally mines only like 60 watts, but still the whole tome thing change would be suspicious? I might be paranoid, but 1 cop yesterday and 2 today went down my alley, nobody knows but me my mom and my brother,very stealthy.They both smoke but my mom like once in a great moon.
  2. you are way too paranoid. First of all, the electric company doesn't/cant watch what time of the day you're using electric (that's why they have to send a dude out to check your meter). If you are paying your electric bill on time then worry even less because remember the electic company wants business and they're not going to waste money trying to find ways to lose customers. Lastly, if you're electric bill is under $200 a month you're not on anybodys radar.
  3. hell yeah thanks for that, I just smoked a bowl when I thought of it, still stoned :) It's just paranoing that cops like to roll by too, but they did that a few times before so yeah,lol.
  4. I experienced a little bit of paranoia when I started my first plant. Any cop that came by I immediately thought was spying on me, I kept thinking my neighbors were looking at me funny, etc... Then I stopped (sobered up) and really thought about it. A small grow is going to be just like adding some living room lamps. As long as your plants aren't in plain site, and anyone who knows you're growing you can trust, you'll be fine!

    However, slight paranoia is a good thing. You can never be too safe!

    I'm high .... i think someone's watching me!!!!!!!
  5. More and more electric companies are installing "smart" meters that report meter readings electronically and can report minute-to-minute power usage. But even so, there is no way for the power company to know what caused a given fluctuation on a given bill -- "Oh, Mr. Toasty's usage just went up by 400 watts" -- so what? Maybe I just turned on an appliance.

    Chill, they don't know or care as long as you pay your bill and your usage is not way out of line with similar properties. So if you want to grow 300 plants inside a rented house running 20 1kw HID lamps (plus fans etc etc) then yes you would have something to worry about. But a small personal grow? It will just blend in to your overall usage.
  6. I think you'd have to screw up somewhere else before anyone starts looking at meters... though I can't imagine it would be hard at all to detect a strict 12/12 cycle.

    If someone was really paranoid and just wanted to show a higher-but-constant usage, you could veg 24 hours, then split flowering into two sections with alternating 12/12 cycles.

    I wouldn't go through the trouble, but if someone was paranoid enough to worry about it, I guess it could be worth it for a little relief.

    If the electric company shows up at your door over 60 watts, it will probably be to tell you that your plants want more light. :D
  7. I think it is growers paranoia. I feel like everyone is looking in my windows or pulling up to my house, and I live in the country, any time i pull out my plant to inspect it. Just remember, if you act suspicious (the person standing out smoking a joint tryin to hide it instead of lookin like you smokin a cig) they will notice you being suspicious. Best thing to do, is put the plant in the back of your mind unless you workin on it of course.
  8. LOL, I didn't react at all when I saw a guy in a DEA shirt walk by my garage door and he was def. LEO, if he only knew he just walked with in 3' of my grow, or maybe he did :)


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