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  1. i still didnt tell anyone about this and i swear this is exactly 100% what happened

    my friend nedal has this house its outside cairo it a huge house in the middle of some kind a forest its weird anyways i was there exactly 3 days ago we arrived there at 1Am i was driving so i was really really tired anyways as soon as we walked in i sat down and started rolling i was excited but exhausted anyways i rolled 6 js and i kept a piece enough for atleast 15 js i kept the hole piece

    so it was me and 4 other guys we smoked them togther and drank a small bottle of vodka i dont like vodka but we got it cheap and im a light weight in drinking

    after we finished everything the owner of the house nedal said lets go out for a walk in the woods so we agreed started walking it was about 2:46 we walked a lil bit and omg we were on a one way dirt road with trees all around us and you cant se anything further then 4 steps and hear nothing but the sound of dogs i know its gay haha but i couldnt take it and walked back got way too scared i went back to the villa and switched on the tv and went to my car to get cigs and went back went to the bedroom took a piece from my friends bag sat back down in the hall room and rolled up a j and smoked towards the end of the j the electrecity went off i swear i flipped so fuckin bad threw the j and ran to my car and drove to the road where there is light stayed there for some time and came back the power was bacj in the house sat down there watched tv for some time and i realised i was talking to my self i started saying weird thing to my self and answring it i dont remember exactly what i said but it was something about me going out the house and searching for them and i answerd that voice saying no and realised my hands where shaking fuckin bad and my hear beat increased and couldnt breath omg i felt like i was dying or somethin is going on went to drank water came back to the couch and found my friend sleeping there so i went to shake him he would wake up thats when i realised that im loosing it and wanna go home i was too scared so i went back to my room took my bag went to the car and fell a sleep there.

    anyways my friends came woke me up and asked my what happend i said nothing i was listening to musci in the car and fell a sleep

    no seriously wtf happend to my there it not funny i was scared shitless.?

    what do you guys say about that? does it happen i mean am i losing it?
  2. one more thing when i asked this guy he said he was never sleeping on the couch its true i only left for five seconds how can he come and fall a sleep there without waking up?
  3. It sounds like you had a small panic attack judging by your shaking hands, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath

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