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  1. awhile ago my parents found out i smoke and they say "im an addict because i have to smoke once a month to deal with life" dad was a drug addict when he was younger(alchol,heroine,cocaine) and he belives that im going to destroy
    life next time he brings this topic up what should i say to counter him???:confused:
  2. Well, their house, their rules. Your best bet is to listen to their arguments, ask for sources, show them you acknowledge their concerns. Maybe in return they will do some research of their own? Show them The Union, send them to NORML and show them that every single fact on the site is backed up to various studies (many of them government funded).

    The truth will set you free. Stick to the facts, respect them, don't yell.

    I would say your best bet would be move out, get a job, and prove them wrong.

    EDIT: If smoking once a month = addiction in their minds, there may not be much hope....
  3. You could mess with them and leave needles and stuff in random places. This way if they snoop, you'll scare the shit out of them. It's a dick move but this way when they confront you you can just say, "so what's worse? A little weed or heroin?".
  4. that sound like a horrible idea my dads the vice president of this rehab in queens

  5. Damn, then he should really know better than comparing smoking herb once a month to being a hard drug addict.
  6. i know right i think all of the drugs over the years fuked his head
  7. I really think your best bet is to move out. Any 18-year old can find roommates and a place to stay for a couple hundred bucks a month if they want it enough to do a bit of work.

    Seriously, if your dad has that background and thinks smoking once a month is a problem, I wouldn't even try, as he is probably immune to reason.

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