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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by drumaboii, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, Im a pretty new toker,and i had a couple questions.
    Last time i smoked i could FEAL my tongue and i was extremely dizzy and i was out of it.well the question is was my pot laced?Or did i just get really messed up?
    Thanks please don't criticise me Im just a new poster.
    thanks A.j
  2. That's why.

    You were just really high. I've only been smoking 2 months but my high now is WAY more chilled and "controlled" than when I first started.

    Smoke less for you'll gain more tolerance as time goes.
  3. No it wasnt laced. This is normal. I think it comes from not being used to getting high, plus having a low tolerance. When you are in an altered state that is not under your complete control, like being sober, it can be scary to some people. If you smoke more often, then you will get used to being high, and that is when the fun begins imo. You can control yourself much better because you brain learns how to cope with being high and still allow you to function. You can also go into more complex thoughts because your thinking wont be intruded by paranoid thoughts.
  4. Would it have to do with i had two big hits from a gravity bong?
  5. lol, the first time i got high i got HIGH! i called my dealer to ask what she put in it XD then i started to ask random objects like chairs "what".
    i didnt know what the fuck was happening and i thought i had an alergic reaction.
    Also i swore i could taste the air.
    Dont worry, its normal, your not going paranoid or anything.
  6. You got a new perspective of life, and you were not expecting it to be as intense as it was. Smoke less and take it easy next time.

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