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Paranoia Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by meepbeep, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. So I found a dealer on a blogging website. She's young (of age) and I haven't actually met her. We started talking and made arrangements to meet so she could hook it up. I've talked to her on the phone, and she said that instead of meeting with her, I'd have to meet with her sister at this local place because she was busy or whatever reason she gave. I'm a girl that's generally new to smoking and told someone about this and they said it sounded a lot like a cop. Should I show up tomorrow or am I being oblivious that I could get in trouble?
  2. How much are you buying?
    If you make it small, well even if it is a cop...assuming it was your first offence? You'd probably be ok.
  3. Take the risk if you want.
    I wouldnt though
    Get yourself a dealer without the internet
  4. I was trying buy an eighth
  5. Dont do it. If you do, go with a male friend. And only if this is enough amout to take the risk of being where a cop operation might go down or whatever. And i'd say go to the place dont let anyone know its you and if you see someone looking around take an educated guess weather its a cop or not
  6. its always risky arranging a deal online with someone you've never met. always try to meet dealers through trusted sources
  7. Go to a school campus you'll find a Shit load.
  8. i'm sorry, i'm not suggesting people go online and look for hookups but i have to say......i have an extremely hard time believing that cops get online to bust people for 8ths and things of the such. it just doesn't add up.

    all this really should try to find a hookup elsewhere. just for your own safety. people are crazy. but cops don't lurk around on forums to bust people for misdemeanors.
  9. the only thing is, the website is a popular blogging website. i can look through her blog's archive and see her pictures and everything she's ever posted. she's had the blog since december 2011 and because her blog seems so personal, it leads me to believe that she's cool. i mean, there's pictures of her and her sister and other random shit and it seems really personal... idk
  10. Can cops actualy do that in the states? I know in Canada that would be considered entrapment and they couldnt even do anything to you, the officer might even lose his job lol. Im also pretty sure you cant even get in trouble for buying in Canada.
  11. December 2011 is like just a few months.....lmao
  12. i mean there are places online where you can buy weed (among other things) if you know how to get there. gotta be careful. make sure what your doing is legit
  13. Then meet her a day after that, if shes busy for every date and place you offer then that's really fishy.
  14. mmmm dont go, dont you have any friend that smoke? i always prefer to use my friend's contacts, that finding in some fishy website :s

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