Paranoia at its finest. A question about drones, and florida.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Joedahoe, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Hello fellow blades.

    i searched this topic and found no specific details relating to my question. I wanna do a lowkey back yard grow.
    3 plants. I have a very "predictable" neighborhood and im pretty certain i can keep plants out of sight.
    my only concern is drones (yes, yes i know) im just not sure if they actually find one or 2 plants in people backyards like that. ive heard things like marijuana plants give off heat signatures and such. really thats my only concern about getting caught. ill be topping all 3 plants and trying to keep them bushy to blend in with other nearby plants. ill be running X2 Frisian Duck X1 Querkle

    So please if anyone has any past experiences,or tips relating to a douche state like Florida (yes, yes i know :sad:im in FL) id greatly appreciate it


  2. I am not to sure about the heat signatures but I would definitely not put the plants at your house if you have a neighbor. Even if he is predictable, because what about the one freak time he decides to come near your house and he smells that pungent sour goodness, and In Fl the charges are very severe. Im pretty sure it is a conspiracy charge and you end up not being allowed to leave the country. Your best bet would be to only do one plant max at your residence and have a nice guerrilla patch for the others... Just my .02
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  3. Yeah by "predictable" i mean no one ever gets nosy around here. everyone keeps to themselves. lady nextdoor smokes pot "medically" (in fl?OK) and other neighbors party alot and weve known them for a few years now from asking us not to call cops prior to parties lol. the reason i want to try more than 1 plant is to get a pretty decent yield to make it worth the risk. thanks for the .02 though!
  4. Cops aren't going to waste time on a few plants. Or fly drones over your house :rolleyes: that would cost them a lot of money
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  5. I just hear things like around harvest time (August-October) they scan areas for weed lol
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  8. Not to paranoy you more but a couple years back I had a plane that keept circling my house and every where around me in August (i live in the country). One thing came to mind...I wasent growing anything that year and now I'm sketched out ever since

    When they look they are not looking for the plants themselves. They are looking for inconsistent stuff. Like for example dug up black dirt and buckets and shovels and such in places they normally wouldn't belong. Just blend it in and grow 1 plant. Any more and it will look bad in court in a bad case senerio.

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