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Paradise Seeds Wappa LED Grow pics

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by rhapsodyrcks, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Hey people. Just some pics of my current plant I am growing. Just growing one since I was waiting for the cash to upgrade my grow..which was this weekend and get my SolarStorm LED on Friday!!!

    Anyhow Im in 4th week...maybe beginning of 5th week of flowering. She's been growing under a Blackstar 240w LED Panel. So far impressed with that little light. Has not let me down yet.

    The strain is Paradise Seeds Wappa. Feeding it Advanced Nutes Sensi A/B Grow/Bloom and Adv Nutes Big Bud. Growing in Fox Farms Ocean Soil in a 3 gallon Airpot.

    My current set up is small since I live in a one bedroom 2x2x4 tent so I was constrained by size. She's only 25 inches tall.

    This plant has been a breeze. Not one leaf has fallen off, no issues no nothing. Nice vibrant green. I have some Reserva OG Kush #18 and Greenhouse seeds Super Lemon Haze on the way but after those def ordering more of Wappa.

    She also has zero smell.




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  2. Nice looking plant you've got there.

    That SolarStorm looks pretty intense, you should try and get in on the grower feed back program (half price light in exchange for some pics of your crops).

    I've gone the LED route also, picked up a cheapy to start with. I haven't had good results, but it is my first grow and I'm a slow learner! I did go and spend the money for a better light, there is a pic of it in my grow journal. Nothing close to the one your getting, but if any of the information the company gave me is true I'll be set to go.

  3. I am on the Grower Feedback Program. The light comes this Friday
  4. What's up Rhapsody! I've been interested in switching over to LED's and if you could offer any advice, critiques, or anything I would greatly appreciate it. The link is below. Thanks guys/gals and have a blazy day!

    Click For My Grow

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