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  1. Maybe I'm late to the party, but I've never really bought papers before. I've used 'em, but never a pack of my own. Going out of town soon, so I need to get some. Figured GC was the best place to look since I've heard different things about different brands.
    So, opinions?
  2. RAW or Zags.
  3. I prefer RAW's or Elements. I feel they burn the slowest and most even of all papers and don't really have a paper taste so you just taste the weed. Only thing is that RAW's have a hard time sticking but just make sure you give the gum a good lick and you should be good.
  4. Elements are my favorite papers the raws
  5. used bob marley papers for years. XL's. they're bigger than the zigzag xl.
    i've rolled the fattest j's with them, they always burn perfectly.
    also if i were to choose a secondary i'd choose raw. they look just as big as the marleys and people swear by them burning good.
  6. ZigZags seem to burn slower than the Raws for me.
    Smoked with BM's too, they seem kinda ashy but did the job.

    Call me ole school but if I had to pick my absolute favorite I'd go with the ZigZags.
  7. if you're referring to the bob marleys as BM's.
    i can agree, they're just extra wide, so you can roll them fatter, so it does get ashier.
    pretty much the bob marleys are real good if you're planning on rolling a fatty. haha.
  8. May be what it was, too much paper. Cause it wasn't a fatty. I didn't roll it. Now that I think about it, the person who did probably didnt remove any of the excess.
  9. must of been that. they make those things to get BIG.
  10. Raw, OCB, Trip 2 are my recommendations. Big Bambu papers if you're still learning how to roll.
  11. In my opinion the best and easiest route for a beginner would be Raw prerolled cones. As long as you break the weed up properly they are almost fool proof.
  12. The highest quality papers are made from ultra-thin unbleached, rice papers. Club Modiano. Smoking Brand, Gizeh, Rizla, SMK, Rips and the overpriced Elements are a few of the premium papers.

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  13. [​IMG]
    Urban wraps have a printed design that mimics the look of a cigarette.

    I've been using for those special moments

    good luck

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