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  1. What sort of papers do you guys like? I personally have liked elements ever since the first time i bought papes (Attracted to the shiney ness lol) every other paper i have tried tastes like shit or burns to harsh.
    So ya what bran of papers do you guys like? and why?
  2. Raws or the extra long marleys, and I guess just cause after trying zig zag and tops it was like heaven
  3. RAWS all the way :x
  4. Jobs 1 1/4
  5. Randy's 1 1/4 mostly always. Otherwise classic Zig Zags.
  6. ^^^^ OCB slims
  7. My brother taught me and he used king sized elements. Ive caught on to that and I've never used anything else.
  8. I've always used 1 1/4 zig zags but I want to try the white ones soon, I heard they were thinner
  9. Big bambu :))
  10. Marleys, and ez widers
  11. [​IMG] :smoking: they just burn tooooo fast.
  12. I fucking love Bob Marley's King Size Hemp papers to death.

    I normally roll my personals with Jobs or 1.5s tho. Been more of Jobs lately.
  13. I rarely ever roll but I got my hands on some RAW rolling papers, and they are amazing. Im not very good at rolling but this joint came out perfect and burned for a VERY long time, it actually surprised me. Cant wait to use them again. :smoke:
  14. EZ Widers or Raws
  15. RAWS are amazing, it cured my hate for joints(cause of fast burning), hemp paper with cross patterns that seriously only burn when you're taking a hit, then go out right after, let it sit for 5/6 seconds and it stops burning all together and will relight if hit again within 20/25 seconds. Not to mention they don't taste like anything.

    Ya.. can you tell I love RAWS?
  16. Zags ultra thin.. Good as fuck
  17. I love raws 1 1/4
  18. Raws for life, size depends on the group/mood.

    Connoisseurs are what I get for king size, they come with a little packet of crutches

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