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Papers or Blunts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NiceFit, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Which do you prefer and why?

    I'm an avid blunt smoker. When I began smoking last year I started off smoking blunts in sessions with my friends and just continued to smoke them by myself. A few of my friends smoke papers and I just bought some raw rolling papers and I'm going to start smoking them.
  2. I enjoy the taste of dank and like to smoke papers for this reason. Blunts make my tongue sting/burn when i just roll them.

    Nothing against blunts just rather avoid the nicotine.
  3. A pack of papers are around two bucks. About 30 papers are in each pack. You can get a pack of rillos 2 for a dollar. I will go with my papers.
  4. RAW's are the bomb
  5. paper hands down ! more weed taste not cigar
  6. Both cause they are both FLAME
  7. RAW originals. Get yourself a box pack of 300...they're around 5-6 bucks and last MONTHS
  8. RAW papers >>>>>>
  9. Both, but there's just something about a blunt. Especially if you're with people who cant roll well, you could put rocks in a blunt and it would burn. You give an unexperienced friend a raw paper and they're probably gonna have an infuriating time trying to roll it and if it doesn't come out just right its not gonna be a very good smoking experience.

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