Paper towel germination

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  1. Hey I germinated a seed put it in the bag on Thursday and now I just checked it but it out grew the seed and the shell came off so it's about a inch of half of root and the top it the lil sprout that the 2 leaves come out , is it still possible I can plant it I'm putting it in soil? I just wanna know if it won't die or anything also I seen a lil piece of the root get stuck in the paper towel idk how so it ripped half off will it still be good to go? Please need answers thank you

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  2. Now it has a root and pair of baby leaves it has germinated.

    The shell occasionally falls off dw.

    Yes it's ready to plant, damaging the main root can be a problem, but they can recover too.

    Just dab a hole and drop it in then just press the edge down (in soil)
    Or get it tucked under a pebble (dwc)

    And get some light on it good luck

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  3. Thank you very much !

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  4. What setup have you prep'd to use, tent, cabinet, lights, soil, hydro, nute line up etc.?

    Sorry to sound like a dick.... But

    Based on your question of what do I do next after germinating a seed, should we assume you stopped reading up after:

    How to grow weed step 1 - germinate

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  5. Mars hydro 2x2 , viper spectra 300w , Fox farm soil happy frog , calmag , fox farm bloom. this is my 2nd grow the last one wasnt that good but did harvest a couple buds .

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  6. Put it in already 1576425531823.jpg

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  7. Ok cool, was just wondering if you found a bag seed and went "what the hell" then thought "shit what now"

    I haven't seen a bag seed in nearly a decade now lol

    I have only grown in soil a couple of times and always had poor results. So I wont be good for advice much longer.
    There are a good few sticky threads on soil growing that you should really think about reading and/or re-reading, beleive me the amount of info you miss first time round (ive been there, got the t-shirt )

    So youre confident you've rectified most of the basic 'first grow' rush mistakes?
    (soil prep, over feeding, over water, ambient temps, ph, etc...)

    Hey, a smokable first grow is a good grow!

    My first grow was 5 plants expecting 4 not to survive, my cab was a diy 1 plant stealth with cfl.... upgraded to a 150w led reflector about mid grow after massive heat stress issues...
    Each plant was nothing more that a 0.5g bud on a stick , but man grow ya own tasted good!

    Good luck on take 2

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  8. Nice,

    Ok, dont panic just yet if nothing much happens for a while now (unlike 1st time) you damaged the main root, so it's really gonna have to work hard downstairs now!

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  9. I gave up the paper towel long ago, just bury 1/4" deep in soil, water once and it will come up in 3 / 5 days. No worries of handling the tender sprout.
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