Paper due in a few hrs!! >_<

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  1. UGH!!!!! ive got a 6pg astronomy paper due by 8am 2moro, i dnt even know wat i want to write it on smh, i think im going to write it on mars, now i just need to find all the info and bull shit 6pgs on how it was formed,named,and all that text book shit about it, blah blah fuckin blah id rather be blazin and watchin movies but instead ima be doing this shit,procrastinating and complaining tomorow that i got no sleep tonight smh.

    BTW i got a final 2moro for this class 2moro 2 which i didnt study for. no hate comments plz im just sharing my stupidity of being an unprepared college student, feel free to make fun of me tho, so that wen i wake up with drool all over me 2moro from my nap in skool (that i always take between astronomy and gym class) ill have sumthing to laugh at instead of worrying about how badly i must of did on the final. i will update this thread with the scores i get on my paper and on my final place ur bets. ill give + rep to the 1st one that guessed right.

    The choices are as follows:

    i get a good grade on essay and test:eek::hello:

    i get a good grade on essay bad grade on test:confused_2:

    i get a bad grade on essay good grade on test:(

    i get a bad grade on essay and test:cry:
  2. fuck school
  3. I choose : you get a bad grade on essay and test
  4. Mars is incredibly fascinating man.

    My high school science teacher (fucking genius, I don't know why he was just teaching science) had a theory that a huge object impacted mars on one side, making an absolutely enormous crater and pushing up the solar systems talles volcanoes on the other side. If you look at a map that shows the elevation of mars the volcanoes and the crater are almost 180 degrees apart.

    Fuckin crazy shit man, just get interested and start writing! :)
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  5. What exactly is your assignment?
  6. 6 pages and you haven't started? Good luck

    I bet you get a barely passing grade. I don't want rep though... mail be 100$ if I'm right.

    ps: you totally remind me of me... I was such a procrastinator lol. Sometimes I would pull the shit together in class.... on the due date. Those were the days.
  7. I've aced papers that I wrote entirely the night before, but I never pushed it like you did.

    Six hours and hardly an idea of what you're going to write about? Tough.
  8. go find a large rock in the woods, paint the WU-TANG symbol on it, hand that shit in
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    I'd wipe my ass on a sheet of paper, hand it in, and tell the teach to have fun smelling my ass.
    fuck college. fuck all those irksome obligations. fuck those tedious essays, tests, speeches, research papers, etc. fuck it all
    smoke weed and enjoy your short ass life
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  10. Stay up all night and study, time is burning.
  11. DAMNIT >__< I'm gettin sleepy and I only got about half a fuckin page done uuuugh, and lmao at the wu-tang rock thing I might as well do that,It might get me a better grade lol
  12. Dude fuck that, do it on NEPTUNE!!!

    or Jupiter. Or Saturn!

    [ame=]YouTube - Jupiter sounds (so strange!) NASA-Voyager recording[/ame]

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    I'm down for the count dude =(, got a page done and I'm drained, I need sleep,2moro ima try waking up early 2.5spacing dis bitch with 13pt font,and try 2 bs as much as I can b4 go to skool,fuck it,I felt like I was failing the class anyway my professor can't speak english for shit ,he sounds like mush mouth from fat albert but with an african accent, the only thing I have to look foward to is the test cuz I've never failed one in his class...YET. ill update u guys in the morning after i have my finished bullshitted product ready to be handed in
  14. One question: How long have you known about this assignment?

    The universe is fascinating.
  15. You work at McDonald's, don't you?
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    I've known since the start of the semester =/ I was gonna do it during spring break but my family decided to make a last min trip to puerto rico in which I left all my school work,then when I got back I was worrying about other classes, and I got a wisdom tooth pulled like 3days ago and it still feels like the dentist is using her fuckin screwdriver on my gums >_<. So basically the reason why it was so last min is cuz of a busy schedule, a lil bit of procrastinating,and a whole lot of pain& painkillers
  17. I caught a break, one of my friends texted me this morning and she offered to help me out a lil bit, the paper came out ok but it only was really 3pgs of writting that with my magical bullshitting te chniques I mangaged 2 make it look like 5, I made it font 13, 2.5 spaced,justifyed,put a picture in it,indented the lines like crazy,and made a bull shit works cited page,lastly I numbered the pages wrong to make it look like 1 of the pages were missing lmao, what do u guys think ima get? Lol I'm thinkin a -D to a +D and if I'm lucky a -C , but if my professor is a bigger dumbass than I think he is then ill be gettin anything above a +C.....I'm REALLY hoping he is a dumbass =/ lol ill update after the test which I'm 1 and 1/2 hrs late to smh
  18. I was reall fuckin lucky,I got in just in time to start the test,ima post the test up here later so u guys can see what I had to deal with along with my piece of crap essay lol but for now I'm off to mc donalds cuz I didn't eat breakfast at all yet
  19. So how did the FAIL go? :)
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    Went better than expected lol the test was harder than usual but I'm confident that I passed,but my paper was horrible tho lol

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