Papaya Indica under 240w Blackstar LED

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Now that I've got everything situated and in order, I can safely say that my strain of choice to grow is Nirvana Seeds Papaya Indica, and it will be grown in my 60" x 36" x 24" tent under one Blackstar 240w LED!

    A couple of things about this grow--I am out to learn more than I am to produce copious amounts of bud, though that is the hopeful end-product. Many folks say LED cannot be used for SOG growing, but I'm here to find out a.) why, and b.) how one can be successful at accomplishing this with this light. I've found a way to divide my tent horizontally to include a highly suitable Vegging/cloning area and a Flowering department, and everything will be self-contained.

    Ultimately I would like to see a weekly harvest of 2 plants as I plan on keeping a large mother and pulling two clones from her every week. I know it will take some time to establish the system, but I'm armed with patience, eight years' worth of growing experience, and enough bud on-hand to delay some gratification should I need to work out some kinks along the way!

    I hope you'll tune in for this grow. After a 1.5 year hiatus and a sudden switch in my approach (going from a 400w HPS plantmelter to a lower output, temperature-conscious LED) I am ready to pull off my gloves and check to see if my green thumb is still in-tact!

    Updates to follow with each development. Light to arrive Thursday along with the seeds.

  2. The dud.

    This was the only germinating seed I had from my bag of God's Gift. And it has shown absolutely no change in growth over the last two weeks. Growth stunted?

    Thinking about chopping this one.


    Do you think it's beyond help? I have it under a blackstar 240w led--around 18" -22" away.
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    Just planted the Papaya seeds in 1 gallon containers with a 30% perlite mix to SuperSoil ratio. Got them under 1x240W Blackstar LED. Hopefully they pop!

    I'm a little nervous about this soil. After paying $45+ for these seeds to be shipped stealth and with a "gift," I'd sure hate to goof this one up!

    What's this? Just a closet.. hmm. Nothin' out of the ordinary here.

    Ah... now there's that familiar purple-pink glow!

    Not too much needed in the cooling department, just a Lasko Pivoting Task Fan and the built in Blackstar fans. By the way, they're not nearly as loud as some owners have eluded them to be. Pretty stealth if you ask me.

    I should've thought twice about this ventilation setup before drilling the 2" holes. Oh well, it'll do. Plants are on a plywood platform elevated by 3ft tall 2x2's.

    This is the light-proof area down below for mothers and clones, once I install some CFL's and grow my seeds out. may also have enough room for a small bud dryer as I'm working on a bi-weekly harvest and really like the idea of a self-contained grow space.

    Last but certainly not least: my pride and joy!

    I'm super excited for these seeds to germinate and break surface. I planted them exactly 48 hours ago and am trying my best to keep them nice n' moist. Tent temperature is low to mid 70's (therm/hygrometer coming soon) and humidity is to be determined. The goal is to grow these 6 out, determine which ones are female (and which ones are alpha females), and cull or flower the rest depending on sex.

    The best mother(s) get put down below and are kept under a handful of CFL's for vegging and cloning. A clone will be taken from below on a weekly or biweekly basis (depending on what the plant can sustain), rooted in a red solo cup (I fill you upppp) and placed immediately into flower above. That's right, a SOG! I know sog is not the best use of LED technology, but I have to try as the body of knowledge on LED is meager at best and each journal/study/experiment broadens and deepens our understanding of this really cool and promising technology..

    Hope you'll tune in !

  4. No updates bro?, would love to see how this turns out

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