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  1. Two guys are at a baseball game sitting on the front row along the third base side. they see a slutty girl across the field sitting on the front row behind first base. She's wearing a low cut blouse and a min-mini skirt. As she sits there awhile she props her legs up on the railing giving the guys a glimpse underneath.

    The first guy says "I see something black under her skirt. I think its a pair of sexy panties."

    The second guy says "No hell way its not panties. I've got a better angle and what we are seeing is her bush."

    Well the guys argue back and forth over whether they are seeing this girls panties or bush. finally a crusty old beer salesman said "For five bucks I'll go over there and find out for you so you can settle this."

    The guys agree and dole out five bucks. the beer salesman takes off and they see him across the field checking out the girl. He looks up at them, gives them a thumbs up and starts working his way back.

    Back at the guys, the beer salesman said "Well I got a pretty good look up under that skirt, fellows and it wasn't no panties."

    "I told you so" said the second guy.

    "Hold on now," said the beer salesman "It wasn't her bush either that you'll were staring at."

    "Well what was it then?" asks the two guys.

    "Flies" answers the beer salesman.
  2. that's fuckin' sick!
  4. You guys! More jokes, I love to repeat them at work. Don't worry I give my forum buddies all the credit.

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