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Pans Ink

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Themayhem8, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Who here has tried Pans Ink or knows anyone who has? It seems really interesting and relatively cheap, however it seems a little too good to be true.
  2. Damn no replies? :( I wanna see some reviews
  3. Interesting...
  4. I'm definitely gonna buy some soon after I see some feedback. I've heard you can conserve your bud longer with it, and that'd be great as the prices here are ridiculous. 
  5. I received my order a few days ago.
    Let me just set this up by saying I'm not a medical Marijuana user, I don't live in a stated where I can get it legally. I just have to settle for what I can find and also I'm a real miser when it comes to weed! 
    I ground up some stuff I bought 5 months ago (sealed in a glass jar the whole time) filled up the chamber on my Volcano about half full, put 2 drops of "Day Dream" and waited a few minutes to dry. I vaped one bag (on 6 for you Classic Volcano users) and it absolutely blew my head off! It does EXACTLY what it says! I felt very creative and really enjoyed being outside, didn't get sleepy at all and the high lasted a LONG time! very powerful, it was almost too much! that being said the taste was not that great which now I think I should of started off with one drop. Yesterday I tried the "focus" with same old weed and 2 drops. Again, did exactly what they said, gave me a real sativa high, lots of energy! had tons of fun mowing the yard!!! ...this is all off the same old weed.
    For me, this stuff works! actually I'm going to be real careful when I use the "Drowsy" based on how well the others worked! The taste in my opinion is not that great but when I use this again I will only use one drop.
    If you are on the fence about trying this BUY IT!!
  6. (hit post too quick)
    This will really extend your weed and it will turn crappy weed into something really special!!
  7. Sounds pretty interesting.

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  8. 25 bucks for the 3 pack ordered will post a review when it gets here.
  9. Awesome :D Better order me the 3 pack too  :smoke:  People are saying alot of good things about this product. 
  10. Yes I was expecting them to cost alot more than 25. Nothing on youtube so im excited to get mine in.
  11. Alot more? i was expecting each to be like 5 bucks max
  12. I am quite interested in the day dream bottle. I sometimes feel sleepy after smoking. Would this help I wonder?

    Available in UK £9.99

    Hoping to hear some reviews then maybe after I get paid I'll get some.
  13. So got my order in today (took 3 days) just opened the daydream and it smells pretty good very floral. I have some older bud i just put some on and now waiting to dry. Will let you know how it is in a few hours when I vape it. ( mflb + power adaptor 2.0 + water adaptor and through bong ) heres a pic of the actuall bottles there pretty small.

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  14. So quick update tried the daydream first. Added 1 drop to a fresh grinded trentch in my mflb maybe .3 or so. Just took 2 hits and it wasnt bad but completely removes the beatiful taste of vaped weed with the more floral taste of the ink itself. Wasnt horrible but I did miss the taste. Its been about 5 mins and im watching bobs burgers the only noticable difference from plain weed so far is audio is much more apparant for some reason. The sounds of the keyboard on my ipad seem very loud and the tv almost a faint distant sound. Will check in at 30 min mark. Again the only variable about tonights sesh will be the day dream pans ink.
  15. Who here has tried Pans Ink or knows anyone who has? [​IMG]
  16. I might have to try some soon just out of curiosity. The stash I have is plenty strong and tasty, but its mostly different sativas and I would like a good knockout at the end of the night.
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    It's worth it if you buy all three. 
    I haven't tried vaping it yet, I shall have to try that tomorrow. 
    Yet all in all the product seems worth the money. 
    Just like a little "additive". The concept of it works. 
    It's just like eating a mango, waiting 30+ minutes and blazing, some feel a stronger effect. 
    The ternepes, or whatever, is what is in the Mangoes and what Pan's ink specializes in. 
    Anyways, I reccomend getting all three for the discounted price and just trying it out! 

    The best one in my opinion: Focus 
    The least effecting one: Sadly, Daydream 
    Yet I've never tried vaping this so maybe I'll update
    Update: I say vape it over smoking it. The taste is different, and I did miss the taste vape weed gives off (I noticed someone above had the same opinion). 
  18. Yep I enjoyed the focus but it taste like 1000 honey suckles being inhaled at once.
  19. dose anyone know if pansink alone would work in a vape pen??
  20. I actually bought the focus not to long ago i find that on higher quality herb it doesnt rlly do anything and throws the taste off, but for low quality buds and or old buds thats lost terpenes this shit actually works i put it on blunts and bowls its pretty cool :) i probably wont buy it again though :p and if i do ima go with daydream

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