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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Orthanc, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. I'm beginning to severely worry and panic due to the fact that I'm down to my last few bowls worth until who knows when. So tomorrow will be the first day in like six weeks that I haven't smoked, and I'm scared about that...

    I have social anxieties and I'm sort of a recluse, so I use pot both for medicinal purposes to help calm my anxieties and depression, and for recreational uses. Well, when I'm sober, I suffer from a bit of manic depression with major social anxieties and reclusive tendencies. When I'm stoned, I feel like socializing more and my moods seem more balanced and stable. When I'm stoned, I don't worry too much about "working too hard" at work, I just do my work.

    So I'm extremely worried about how I'm going to be until I can get more this next Thursday/Friday. And when I'm not smoking pot, I have issues with alcohol. So I'm kind of worried that I'm going to revert back to being an alcoholic and drinking all the time as my substitute for pot. When I have pot and am on a smoking binge like I have been for the past six weeks straight, I don't drink very much or no alcohol at all.

    What can I do to help with my panic about running out and dealing with my anxieties/depression issues? And avoiding reverting back to alcoholism...? Thanks. Hope I explained myself clearly.
  2. first off, save a fat emergency bowl for when you absolutely need it.

    then do everything in your power to get more herb. don't panic, herb will always come around sometime. it's not gonna disappear out of your life forever.

  3. Control the mind. Don't let it control you.

    1. If you feel anxiety coming on, take DEEP breaths and tell yourself your worrying about things unimportant and probably out of your control..

    2. Think of a happy crutch you can imagine if your having bad thoughts.

    3. Don't focus on the bad, because that creates bad reactions. Think good thoughts!

    [ame=]Beach Boys - Good Vibrations - YouTube[/ame]

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