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panic attack?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dankbudsmoka, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. WHen im stoned sometimes the room will seem like its changing colors if im laying in the dark an everything will appear blue or black and white like an old cartoon i heard it is probaly me having a panic attack but i enjoy it (im not a fearful person AT ALL) could it be im having a panic attack but im just not afraid? :rolleyes: help pleasee
  2. The room is spinning, you're seeing colors, and you enjoy it all? Sounds like you're incredibly high. Enjoy it brotha :bongin::smoking::smoking:
  3. didnt you just post a thread saying that you couldn't get high?
  4. i was referring to when i could get high and i have resolved my problem with not being able to get high with the advise i was given not even 2 hours bong had a hole an wasnt putting alot of smoke in the chamber.i fixed it a few moments ago dont try an call me out please thats not the stoner way.
  5. lulz wow he did, but looks like he found out how to do it right
  6. lol

    But it's not a panick attack!
    You are not afraid, then no panick attack.
    Only high.
  7. i suppose so but i have to get really blasted for that to happen...thats when its time to eat an take a nap ;)
  8. That's when it's time to get some antipsychotics
  9. :laughing:

    Enjoy your low tolerance while it lasts dude!!
  10. hahaha thanks man its a blessing i take a 2-3 day break if i smoke alot one day to keep it that way.
  11. You kind of have to be panicking to have a panic attack dude lol. Panic attack would involve feelings and thoughts of impending doom, being completely overwhelmed usually thinking you are going to die....Sounds like you are just having good ol times......
  12. #12 Maj0ra, Oct 4, 2010
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    name calling is not tolerated at the city...

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