Panic attack while high

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  1. Hey, so I'm new here and I just wanted some advice on this topic. Okay, so the first time I got high, I was with a group of friends at the park and I had a good time, laughing at everything and my coordination was a bit off, but all was fine and dandy.
    Now the problem is the second time. The second time I smoked I was by myself, and I had a whole blunt to myself. I was in the garage, trying to rush it a bit. The taste of it made me gag too much so I just smoked half of it then let it out. Now after this I started feeling jittery and my vision was just getting weird, like dizzy. My heart was racing and I thought I was going to pass out, so I started pacing. I didn't know what was wrong with me but then as I was texting my friend telling him what's going on, he brought up "heart attack" so then I began worrying I was having a heart attack and I was going to die. So I was walking outside scared that if I pass out, someone would see me and call the ambulance. It took about a hour before I calmed down when my mom came back home.
    The third time I got high, I was with two friends and we had 2 blunts. The first I began feeling some of the before symptoms but not as much, like I was calmer, but I was still thinking I was having a slight heart attack but I didn't let on that. The second blunt was like an hour later and I was pretty calm after having a few hits, I was giggly and having a good time, pretty chill.
    So now I just want to know some advice on what to do if I happen to get another panic attack on weed and can people share some of their experiences with panic attacks while high?
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  2. I have anxiety and used to get them when I was stoned when I was younger, you gotta realise its bud and it won't hurt you and you will not have a heart attack lol. If you have the option go for indica but it doesn't sound like you do

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  3. Dealing with Cannabis Anxiety is tricky, and for me, unorthodox methods are the ones that work for me. Last time I had a panic attack I went to YouTube and watched an episode of The Joy Of Painting with Bob Ross and it actually worked flawlessly and I do recommend it with pure confidence.
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  4. Monty Python - Bizarre enough to engage the mind to a degree that won't allow for anxiety.

    1 possible side effect is that it may cause your father to say, You can't watch those hippy British fairy's anymore!

    Know your limit. Ease into it, don't try to keep pace with veteran smokers.
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