Panheads new Project PROTECTOR!

Discussion in 'General' started by Panhead, Jan 24, 2002.

  1. Hey everyone

    I got this big 6 month old boy to protect my project..These dogs come from the Canarry Islands..They are called Presa Canarrio's..He is worth $1,500.00 with Papers..{Which I have}They are very loyal to there families, but don't be a outsider trying to get in..You will only try once..:D:D:D
    Just thought I would share!!:D

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  2. Mmm... That made me think about Spanish dogs, what made me think about Spaniels, what made me think of British Victorian society loving Spaniels, what made me think... Oh well, I just had a bunch of weird mental connections... Anyway, my conclusion is something about universal dogs... Cos urs is a Canarian dog but u aren't in Spain.. just like Chow Chows are worldwide... The Diasphore!!!
    That's what it's all about!

    Makes me feel like moving abroad now.. but without a dog.
  3. awwww.. but he looks so sweet in that picture! ;)
    I'm sure he'll do you and your family proud protecting you!

    I grew up around Shelties, they're incredibly loyal, and they bark nice and loud, but my old Lucy, she's 14 and a total wimp now. She still trys to keep tabs on the entire family when we're all at home, bless her lil heart, I miss her !!

    And yes I would love to see some full-grown pics too!!
  4. Hey Thanks every one

    I will keep posting pics as he grows..I will also post any info that i find on his breed..You all stay cool & grow big Budz..:D:D:D

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