panhandle for money (for bud) would you do it?

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  1. A few years ago when I was 17-18, I used to stand on the offramp of freeways with a cardboard sign and panhandle. I would make quite a bit of money. Like $20-$30 in a few hours. Now heres the question... would you ever be able to work up the balls to publicly embaress yourself like this? its like... what if some hot chick you knew in high school drives by or something......awkward......

    Anywyas the main purpose of this post is im considering doing this again as times are tight. very tight. I'm just finding it hard to work up the balls to actually do it, because well... you know its kind of self-demeaning.
  2. If you truely are poor and shit and have hardly anything i think its straight. But if you have a decent place to live and the basic necessities then no thats wrong. And when I mean if your truely poor, I MEAN dirt poor.
  3. i busk straight out begging is too crackheaded for me
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    I read some article posted in a newspaper about people faking being homeless and making over $50,000 a year. They got caught after someone that was posing as homeless was seen driving around in an Escalade, haha.

    I'd probably do it. If people wanna throw me some money because I look scraggly enough to need it then I'll happily take that extra change off their hands. Don't really need the money at this point in time though.
  5. I'm just wondering what crime is that? Like is their legal panhandling and illegal types lol? Thats crazy though 50,000$ FUCKING DOLLARS>
  6. I don't think they got busted or anything but I'm not 100% sure. I just remember reading about it and was amazed at how much money they were making. Some guys were even making over $70,000. Once their face got put in the paper though people probably stopped giving them change. They could probably just change the way they look but I think the article may have made people think twice before giving change to panhandlers.

  7. well... i mean what do you define as basic neccesties... i have food, but very very little... like almsot nothing to eat at all. mabey one bowl of cereal and some left overs. I have about 25 cents if even that in nickels and pennies. I have enough rolling tobbaco for 1 or 2 ciggs at most(but i have my dad i can bum off of) and no weed. i dont think im gonna do it at this point now cuz i called in sick to work and if im too sick to work im too sick to stand on the street corner for several hours. plus my dad just got an 8th so i smoke with him... i hate living on $50 a week (after i pay rent thats whats left of my check)
  8. What about street performers?

    Is panhandling with a guitar wrong?
  9. that's called busking
  10. definitely not. if you don't have the money for weed, don't smoke.
    you don't need weed to live... therefore you don't need to be taking other people's fucking money to buy yourself some.
  11. yeah you shouldnt have to because it should be legal and free so fuck off you pinko normal scumbag
  12. This is what fucking jobs are for. Begging for money just makes stoners look worse than we already do.
  13. wow the more i read your posts the more i feel sorry for you
  14. Get a job, simple as that.

  15. You're making it seem like you have worked for that lettuce. You recieved it, not "made money".
  16. Haha this is exactly why I don't give vagrants money.
  17. so far everyone who sucks in this thread is from canada is it a coincidence? I think not.
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    Then again you don't have the NDP on your ballot when you vote.

    Trust me, there are plenty of resources for truly disadvantaged people (not nessecarily in the right places, but I digress). I'm not shilling my hard earned buck for some slacker who can't get his financial priorities straight.

    If you don't have money, you might wanna think about giving up your luxuries. Western society thinking, I guess - right?
  19. I've done it before, not actively begged but picked a high-traffic area and just sat there. I got a good bit of money, I didn't make a sign and I didn't make myself look worse off.

    If people just want to toss out money, I'm sure as hell not complaining.

  20. eh, i've done it. but i didnt pretend to be homeless or anything, i was just walking around saying "hey man, sorry to bother you, do you have an extra dollar i could have for a bus ticket?"

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