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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by illcid, Oct 5, 2003.

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  1. hmm, seems like only gc\'ers are getting most of the inside jokes around this Pandora\'s Box. Getting a little localized a?
  2. yeah.. what else can you expect from the hardcore few tho. anyone can read around and join in. there\'s nothing exclusive, elite or snobbish going on.

    oh and btw.. its \"Blades\" not \"gc\'ers\". :p


    \"are you local?\"
  3. er can someone translate ?...

  4. i would if i was better at french. i would try if i was even just a bit better at english! lol.

    i\'m no languages fella.
  5. localized as in 4 people localized? :D

    must just be a trend.
  6. look at my posts, im not local, I want to be, I like you guys. The link to the forum is on my desktop with My Computer and thats it! I delte every other icon! Weee!
  7.,its no secert what goes on here my friend.All ya gotta do is keep up with the posts ,lol.Take a day offf and ya get left behind real quick.
  8. Heres to that critter.

    as to the colored weed. I prefer it caked with crystals so that white/green is perfect. :)


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