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  1. Hello. Just got an Amazon fire tablet specifically for the purpose of using Pandora. I love using Pandora while at work but between having Pandora running and my Bluetooth on for my speaker, I find I can barely use my phone for anything else because the battery dies so quickly. Anyway I downloaded Pandora expecting to see the same thing I do on my phone or at least similar. However its compleatly different. The different look wouldent matter to me if I were still able to find my playlist but for some reason they are nowhere to be found. I have premium which I don't know if that makes a diferance but either way it still says I have premium. All it shows are my radio stations. If any one can tell me what I'm missing here I'd be super grateful for any suggestions at all. Iv included a screen shot to show what im seeing when i first open the app. Screenshot_2017-09-03-03-41-37.png Thanks.
  2. You could have saved yourself so much money if you just got a 10000mah powerpack for 10$ or a case with a built in battery
    They usually last 2 full phone charges the 10000mah last lile 6-10 charges

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  3. I do have a power pack haha. I use it from time to time but it's sort of a Hassel In my option. I didn't spend much on this tablet at all. Literally 6 dollars because my mom had one already and was given this as a gift so she had never used it lol.
  4. Maybe Amazon Music works better with the amazon fire tablet since they all come from the same company. If you don't want to try amazon music, you can try to download your preferred Pandora playlists to your tablet for offline playback. I just know Tunlf Amatune Music Converter could help download amazon music. As for Pandora, I don't so much about it.
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