Panama City

Discussion in 'General' started by makinthelul420, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Me and the GF heading to PC right now for a long weekend, bringing teh herbs with me.

    anyone gonna be down there? jw holla :smoking:
  2. I live there mothafucka :D it's pretty cool I guess. A lot of asshole cops, rednecks, and ghetto people lol
    Where in town are you staying?
  3. im staying at the shores of panama hotel next to pineapple willys LOL

    should i be worried about smoking on my balcony? i have been but always on the lookout lool

    everything is expensive at shit here.
  4. Love panama city !
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    Right on man. The crowds down there are pretty fun :D
    And I wouldn't smoke on the balcony because a lot of families and shit go to pineapple Willys and I'm sure someone would snitch. Just roll a j and walk down the beach. People will think it's a cig plus no one gives a fuck on the beach.
    Just watch out for beach patrol because they are HUGE ASSHOLES lol
    Have fun man :)

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