Palm Beach anyone???

Discussion in 'General' started by hummercash, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. hey, i just found out im going to Palm Beach, FL this tuesday til sunday and was hoping someone on this board might like to 'show me the sites' ;) ;)

    also, does anyone have any suggestions on airline security and pipes/weed. i know my cousin flew from boston to philly roundtrip w/ a 7" ccg sherlock in her bag, but i don't know how risky that is.

  2. Depends if it has been used or not. If your buying one in florida to bring back to CT then your allright. Owning glass pipes isn't illegal. But if you have smoked out of it i wouldn't risk it. Unless you boil it clean. Then maybe. But they have dogs and they are trained to smell smoked weed, fresh weed, growing weed, etc. I personally would risk bringing one that has been used. IF its brand new, no worries. I brought a little 7in bubbler from LAX to pennsylvania and didn't have a problem. Just make sure if you take glass, don't check the bag its in because they are extremely rough with your luggage when you check it and you'll probally end up with broken glass when you get home.
  3. thanks, i think im just gonna smoke out of homemade bongs and blunts when im there... that is, if we can find someplace/one to buy bud from.

  4. I'm in Miami (1-2 hours south), but I'll tell you this. Go to the 'hot spots' near the clubs and bars and I'm sure you will eventually be able to find some buds. That's how I had to do it once I moved down here. I went straight to South Beach and started asking around, I eventually found some too.
  5. crazy, i'm from ct and i have a friend up here who just moved from West Palm.
  6. im not going anymore cuz i reinjured my back. my fucking mom made me vacuum the goddamn house before i left and i guess bending over isn't so hot for my back (which was like 90% better from when i injured it in jan.) so now i get to stay at fucking home and do nothing like usual.

    figures the one time i get to go on a cool vacation things get fucked up... but thats not a problem for my mom who's goign to Italy for 10 days next week... or my sister who's going to hongkong for like 4 weeks this summer (her 4th year going on a month long vacation out of the country... ive never been otu of the country EVER... and did i mention she's only 18). spoiled fucking cunt.


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