Palestinian Authority, Hamas Cited for Widespread Human Rights Abuses

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  4. How so? You have claimed time and time again that Hamas and the PA are in violation of human rights abuse. I'm not denying that, because frankly they are assholes, but once someone brings up the wrong Israel does, it's going off topic. It's no secret that both the Israeli government and the Palestinian government are corrupt.
  5. Precisely.

    So what does Israel have to do with the OP?

    You do know what a red herring fallacy is...?
  6. Because they are closely connected and you know that.
    "The West?" [​IMG]      
    Would that be "the West," headed by Washington, that treats Israel like its 51st state, and often puts Israel's interests above those of the US?
  8. Who's closely connected?
    You makes post in the Palestinian Support Thread that has nothing to do with the topic. Pretty much daily.
    But yes, I know. You are Jewish, and the rules that apply to everyone else do not apply to you.

  10. Is it really that hard for you to stay on topic?
    Any of your relatives murder any Palestinian children lately? I bet it makes you happy if they did.
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    Not kids, but i targeted some Hamas members in the past.. Yea that made me happy.

    On the other hand, the palestinians aim at kids.

    "RPG fired by Hamas terrorists from Gaza hits Israeli schoolbus"

    Fucking pussies.

    Sent from Israel, the land of the jews.
  13. Oh look, another and hominem attack from the usual people...

    Who are you trying to convince with your childish rants?

    Anyone with the slightest intelligence is able to tell who is the troll.

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