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Pakistani herbal cannabis and resin products

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Charsi, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Hi guys I am very impressed with this forum and I've learnt a lot about weed in different countries through this website and one day I'd love to try them all!

    I live in Islamabad, Pakistan and marijuana in various forms is available very easily any where in our beautiful city, often for free! The plants are literally everywhere and in secret locations in the hills you can finnd unpollinated female plants with big buds. The season here for natural outdoor weed is September-October, we just cut off as many buds as we can find, bring them home and dry them. We never ever buy weed from a dealer. We have to pay for our hash tho because the best Indica types come from outside the region as its slightly warmer here than it is in KPK and the native cannabis plants of the Punjab region are Sativa which the people prefer for bhang drink rather than smoking it like they smoke hash.

    Here's a picture of medium grade commercial Indica hash or as we call it, 2nd garda, next to wild outdoor landrace Sativa marijuana I found while walking in the hills. The weed has no seeds in it because it is from an unpollinated female plant hidden in the forests of Margalla hills National Park. The effects of the weed and the hash are totally different but when you mix them together you get an amazing complete high which lasts for up to 3 hours.

    More pics coming soon, the hash is making me really sleepy...

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  2. The only time we pay for weed here is when we buy indoor weed from imported seeds like amnesia haze, og kush, sour diesel, etc. but these are too expensive and hard to find. You can get purple quite easily though because American rappers made it famous among our youth
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  3. Nice thread man very interesting stuff. Would love to see more pictures keep them comming!!!
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  4. Looks like I could use a road trip.

    SIG×××××××××××nothing is too hard for those who do not have to do it for themselves××××××××××××
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  5. Thanks guys I'll upload more pics soon I promise. It's raining a lot here and I don't want my new phone to get wet lol

    The stuff in this picture is known locally as "kacha garda". You guys call it kief. It's the best and hardest find outside of regions where traditional hash is produced, along the Afghan border.

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  6. You really should come here if you like marijuana. Pakistan is nothing like how you would imagine. Our government should sue the international media for defaming our country lol
  7. Thanks man, more pics coming very soon!
  8. Most people here like their weed bone dry. It crumbles into a green powder as soon as you apply pressure.

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  9. This is called "Thai weed" even though it's produced locally. It consists of weed wrapped around a thick stem and tied with a string. I guess someone must have got confused between "Thai" and "tie", hence the name. The color of the string indicated the quality of the weed. Red string is the lowest quality (with seeds) and gold string is the highest because it has only buds. Green is middle grade and has no seeds but it does come with a lot of leaf material. Green string costs around $8 for an ounce (28 grams), it's quite expensive by Pakistani standards. The texture is sticky, not too dry.

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  10. It is called Thai Stick and the originals were from Indochina. Vietnam made it famous when GIs brought it over in the 60s and 70s.

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