Pakistan enforces Sharia Law

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  2. I doubt America will do anything that deep in Pakistan. I would not trust the Taliban just to stay there and be there peacefully. If Pakistan does something that they won't like it'll be easy for them to carry out an attack on whatever they want.
  3. Well since the Taliban is a terrorist organization, doesn't this mean Pakistan is harboring terrorists?

  4. True but the US wouldn't do anything besides let drones do some dirty work. I think they believe that the Pakistani can handle this, for the most part, themselves. It should be interesting to see how this plays out because I read somewhere that the extremists are even trying to take control of the government. The Pakistani government is very fragile at the moment and god knows we don't need a nuclear armed countries government to collapse. Appeasement hasn't worked in the past and I doubt this will change anything.
  5. We'll see. We're $12 billion in the hole since 2002 in Pakistan, not really working in the favor of taxpayers.
  6. Maybe they don't have enough camera phones over there:

    I don't get it, who stands to gain from Shariah law? Men?
  7. All I can get from this is Pakistan is trying to deny responsibility for the region, which makes since.

    I think it is safe to say they are afraid of a full on American war, and those numbers are definetly being blown out of proportion but that is an entirely seperate arguement.

    Regardless Pakistan stands to lose a lot out of this, they have America blowing the sam hell out of Afghanistan on there left, and then they got India who is just waiting to start a war.

    The problem with Pakistan is, they are so worried about India on there right, they have neglected there left and allowed it to get over run by savages. That is the problem with societes that getting overwhelmed by other societes.

    This is just a response to America, saying go ahead, clean up our riff raff.
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    What are thousands? Two thousand? Five thousand? Twenty Thousand?

    Even small unpopular organizations can boast thousands of followers, but that in no way represents popular support.
  9. I am well aware of that, being a fringe ideologue myself, but we still do not have enough info on this movement.

    More than anything I think the local support is a call for the halting of Pakistani military and CIA drone attacks, and shows the ineffectiveness of such attacks. Rather than weakening the Taliban we have strengthened them by uniting the area as a common victim.
  10. Agreed, there are much better ways to deal with the region than what has been going on. It's especially frustrating for me, my nation's military is engaged in this conflict, yet has almost no say on how the overall mission is conducted. What a frustrating quagmire.

    Anyways, I'm just playing devil's advocate. I don't trust any of the groups involved, including my own nation's military commanders.
  11. 10 days peace?!

    come on, that is just fucking stupid!
  12. Another PakiGov/Radical truce that is bound to fail within a few weeks is my guess.
  13. Seems cool to me if thats what they wanna do.
  14. Right on, live and let kill eachother!
  15. Ethnocentrist.

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