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  1. Hey guys, i'm a complete newbie when it comes to buying seeds and would appreciate some veteran help. I would like to buy from Attitude seed bank as i'm interested in the 3 feminized seed deal coming up on march 30th, you have to spend at least 30 euros. I'd like to spend right around that area for a pack of 5 seeds.
    I'm looking to grow these outdoors in Ohio, preferably a high yield strain, The type of bud I prefer is definitely bud with a fuel smell fruity is alright too. The type of high i'm looking for is a stony couchlock feeling.
    If anybody has anything in mind or could help me on my quest to find me a strain they have had good luck or heard good things about I would REALLY appreciate it, thanks blades!!! :cool:
  2. Did some looking around on attitude, pick and mixed a bunch.

    Pick and Mix Seeds CH9 Seeds Jack Feminized
    Pick & Mix Seeds per pack: 01 Seeds\tPick and Mix\t∞\t$7.93\t
    Pick and Mix Seeds G13 Labs NL Automatic Feminized
    Pick & Mix Seeds per pack: 01 Seeds\tPICJ187\t∞\t$9.52\t$9.52

    Pick and Mix Seeds G13 Labs Blueberry Gum Feminized
    Pick & Mix Seeds per pack: 01 Seeds\tPick & Mix\t∞\t$9.52\t

    Pick and Mix Seeds Female Seeds Skunk Special
    Pick & Mix Seeds per pack: 01 Seeds\tPick and Mix\t∞\t$7.61\t

    Pick and Mix Seeds Nirvana Seeds Swiss Cheese Feminized
    Pick & Mix Seeds per pack: 01 Seeds\tPick and Mix\t∞\t$9.52

    Pick and Mix Seeds G13 Labs Raw Diesel Feminized
    Pick & Mix Seeds per pack: 01 Seeds\tPICK AND MIX SEEDS\t∞\t$9.52\t
    UFO#1 CH9 Female Seeds Green Bud\tFREE SEED\t∞\t
    UFO#2 CH9 Female Seeds Blue Lemon Thai\tFREE SEED\t∞

    This order will also come with their 3 free promotion seeds.
    Feminized TNT, Monster Kush and Jamaican Dream, what do you guys think about these seeds and the banks they are coming from?
  3. Come on guys, this thread is dead, if you check out the post leave some feedback please, liven up grasscity.
  4. well, kind of a generic question that gets asked and answered a LOT this time of year man.

    You would do well to hit the search function.

    Here are some freebies: Skunks, Northern Lights, Blueberry. Some reputable breeders to get these strains: Nirvana (Skunk, NL, check out papaya), MNS (Skunk, NL few others) DJ Short (original blueberry, and true blueberry. Creator of the strain)

    Good luck this year.

  5. Thanks, yep after browsing around a little I saw like 6 similar threads and i'm like fuck... yeah i'm being that guy, so I pick and mixed a little bit myself. Still wasn't sure about some of the brands though, I read some reviews about G13 labs and some were pretty bad.

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