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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by blazinit, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Hey, I'm priming my room today, and I'm pretty into art, decided I'd paint a mural in my room that goes all around the room. Anyone have any ideas of what I should paint? What's your room painted like?

  2. paint whatever youre into man. I painted the joker on my wall and have spawn on my door :smoke:



    i was going to mural my whole room in comic book characters and stuff like that but now that the house is on the market i am going to be painting over them this weekend and moving out soon after that...

    but yeah just paint whatever youre interested in, just have an overall flow throughout the room
  3. Oh damn, that's totally sick. How long did it take you, and what did you use for it?
    I've still got no idea what to paint, and no weed for inspiration :(
  4. no weed?!?!

    might as well wait to paint your room. lol

    I just got done painting mine, I didn't do any designs but I did orange and white crosses

    ie. orange on 1 half white on the other half and they are split down the diagonal
  5. i work for sherwin-williams. anyone, feel free to message me with questions. i love talking about paint. i know paint doesnt seem very interesting, but working in the industry for 3 years already ive learned so much and love it.
  6. My room here at home is bright yellow and orange...the walls are yellow and then there's this trippy design thing in orange. The door frames, electrical outlet covers, etc. are all orange as well. Bamboo blinds; bed, dresser, yadda yadda are all wood...and I have a kickass orange and yellow tiger garbage can too, haha.

    My room in my house at school is red and everything is red and black.
  7. if i were drunk as fuck and woke up to like roll over in my nice comfy bed and saw that joker on my wall id probably piss myself lol thats kinda creepy but i love it
  8. Yeah haha, it's such an amazing painting he did :p (I'm jealous :()

    Im getting an airbrush tommorow, and I've got a canvas thats about 3ft wide by 5ft tall. My bedroom walls right now are just pure graffiti, from a bunch of writers in my city. I'm thinking of painting over the walls entirely right now though, because they're slowly turning into a fame spot, where people have gone over each others peices just because they take up so much space...

    Anyways, for the canvas, I'm thinking of doing a forest scene with mushrooms and skulls on the side, and a giant pedestal with something important on it (not sure what yet), and all of the image will be a tinted blue color. I'm going to be using my airbrush, sabotaz80 spraypaint + montana gold spray paint, as well as acrylics :)
  9. That spawn is so sick

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