Paintballers enter here. Show us your gats

Discussion in 'General' started by Shamrock0820, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. I decided to make a paintball thread to post pictures of your guns, videos or whatever. I made a quick vid. Post a pic if you got a gun.

    my gun: dm4, halo b, evil scion 45/5000, dye ultralight..

    heres the vid:


  2. 03 shocker

    halo b like when they first came out lol

    max flo 68 4500

    umm a buncha opther shit

    i havent played with it in years i might play again this summer or i might sell it

    since your still into it what do you think i could get for it
  3. i just got into it so i just got a spyder rodeo with a smart parts progressive barrle the dm4s are sick im lookin to upgrade to electric probably some time in the summer ill get pics later
  4. if anyone knows a person who want to buy a painball gunlet meknow i have a STO autococker with upgrades, a tank, hopper, mask SP freak barrle, lots of things to sell
  5. i dunno maybe 700 for the setup maybe more..
  6. how much would you sell just the gun for? and is it mechanical ?
  7. I would post a pic of mine...maybe tomorrow cause Im lazy but...

    techpro Blastermax 125bps
    OTB frame
    CP 2 piece
    crossfire 68/3000
    Halo B
  8. No pics but....

    DM6 (Black)
    DM4 (Black to Red w/virtue)
    68/45 pure energy
    Halo B w/Z board (I think....)
  9. Any of you ball in SoCal? We have Sc Village down here, the birthplace of speedball. Most airball fields here take after tournament xball field designs. Would love to ball it up with some 420 friendly stoners. There are much too few stoenrs in paintball, full of egotistical assholes mostly.
  10. Nah NoEng. Atleast I find that funny... But yeeh I've heard SC Village is really good.
  11. no pics, but i've got a 03 Piranha BL VF....nothing fancy, gets the job done, i'm a pretty good marksman...when we play, usually i snipe

    we did some cool drills in the woods that some guys set up (jr year i think it was) shooting 2 liters and coke cans from 20, 30, 40 yds.... i miss paintball...fucking nap and it's weather
  12. That'd be so sick man, SC is where I play. Too bad it hasnt been for a few months. But that would awesome to have a grasscity paintball thing at sc.
  13. Me and Floydian are going to Denver in Mid to Late July, anyone up for smokin' and paintballin at a field there? Hit me up via PM.

  14. Im hijacking this thread with airsoft, im gonna buy this soon:
  15. i have an old cocker i need to sell, nothing super speacial but has some upgrades
  16. heres my gun and tank and stuff. the shocker is an 04 shocker with the new designs bolt, new designs trigger, and the vision board with a corssfire tank (68/ 4500).

    the cocker is an 02 with an eblade 1, nexus ram, and dye excell barrel (so old lol). looking to sell the eblade too

    O ya, the video with the gun, i forgot to shut the eye off, thats why its slow at the start, then i turn it on before i switch hands and it works good from there on.

    VIDEO 1:
    VIDEO 2:

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  17. I used to have one that looked a lot like this (diff / longer barrel though) except it wasn't a "pro" it was just the regular custom98 that I upgraded. I think my parents might still have it in their attic, but it's been years.

  18. 98 custom with a few upgrades and a flatline barrel, soo nasty.

  19. *that*'s the name of the barrel. Yeah that thing was bitchin. Some people knock on tippmanns (although it doesn't bother me much since I never played enough to care about having the best marker) but I did like the increased distance, even if it didn't seem to improve it as much as they claimed, although I never measured.

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