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    i have an angel a1 miami rage version :hello:
    no dank digi cam
    EDIT:since yall are including hoppers and tanks too.....i got a vlocity and a 45/45....stock a1 barell
  2. kingman vs2, egg2, 45/45.....

    but i just play for fun every now and then.....not too serious....
  3. Tippmann 98 custom pro 16 inch barrel

    but like termtwo its all fun I'm not professional
  4. I used to play, but stopped because speedball was (and still is) too expensive for my blood.

    Still have my '02 WGP Black Magic Autococker though, but nothing else but a shitty steel nitrous tank and a shake hopper.

    My cousin, who has smoked at least 2 blunts a day (cept a T-break and a job-drug testing break) plays Div 2 though, I'm not sure of exactly what he has but he has like 3 fucking awesome guns and a shitload of equipment just covering his room.
  5. hahaha this name makes me LMFAO
  6. got a vice a few weeks ago, but due to some money issues, i haven't used it yet, same reason for no dank pics.. i use a torque and a dxs 48/4500
  7. lol....i kno like half the people on pro miami rage.....EVERYONE on that team blazes
  8. Haven't played in awile but I got a Tippmann 98 Custom, Tippmann A5 with Electric hopper, Angel Autococker, and a Spider.

    The Angel is my baby, 16" Barrel, 45oz Angel Air, Electronic Hair trigger, and 500 ball Elctric Hopper. Was $1,400 got it back when I used to play Tournement Ball.
  9. bullshit...angel and autocker are 2 different such thing as an angelautococker
  10. Dark avalanche Ego. I play for colorado shooters. Played semi-pro in the NPPL for awhile Also Ivan Loves Doja is right there is no such thing as an angelautococker. There is a wargames autococker and thats about it
  11. It was an ANS Autococker and a Bob Long GZ Timmy when I played.
  12. nice....i hate my OUTPERFORMS AN EGO ANYDAY......but its always breaking ...piece of trade my a1 for an ego 06 or better anyday
  13. hell yeah, i have a DYE DM4,with an EVO II hopper and a 45 / 3k HPA tank.


    i wish i can play for the Stoned Assasins
  14. ya dawg...the stone dasassins lol....they got b real from cypress hill on their team XD...playin paintball stoned is the best
  15. Sorry ment to put w/ autococker 16" Barrel. My Barrel that came with ym Angel got fucked up during transport one time had a huge ass indent in it.

  16. yeah i bet you suck
  17. Whats this have to do with recreational marijuana use again?:rolleyes:

    and I have several guns. Spyder phoenix, tippman custom, and a green spyder that i cant recall the type.
  18. I'm an airsoft guy myself...
  19. Proto PMR made by Dye :D 14'' UL barrel and a RF Pulse loader.
  20. i have a smart parts ion with halo hopper 16 in freak barrel all red/smartparts shocker 06

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