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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cs_shoota, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. jw if anyone here plays paintball, im gussing at least 1 person does, have you ever played stoned?? well know for a fact i could never do it, i just like to chill out, and running around while high just isnt my thing, what about you
  2. lol, how many years were you in?
  3. last time i went to paintball me and my buddies were about to smoke like right in the open, but instead we went a bit into the woods too toke up and then we came back.

    the first thing the instructor guy said after that was NO playing under the influence of drugs or alcohol. we just laughed away.

    man i got worked that day, very hard game to play stoned, but totally fun :D
  4. im so goint to be in the service and smoke instead of eating
  5. i was thinking of becoming a marine, i really want to shoot people....ahh, imtoo violent i think...
  6. I used to play paintball EVERY weekend for a year or 2. I sorta out grew it I guess. We smoked one time before we played. It was a BAD idea. Didn't feel like doing annnything. I just chilled and shot at people. Didn't run at all.
    I remember when I first started playing I went with my cousin. We LOVED it. I told my brother about it who is 8 years older than me. He was like "that sounds so gay". Then he got into it with us a few times and became an addict. He ended up getting an autococker. A few different Tippmans. He had a Tippman full auto.. I don't remember the name of it.
    But.. yeah. I outgrew it I guess.
  7. lol.. i tried playin UT while stoned. not good

    i think i got one kill in a 16 player deathmatch..
  8. i just realised i havent played paintball in like..... a long time, few months, today i only shot my gun, just to get rid of some old paint... ran out of air... but right now im looking for a decent car and dont know how much im gunna spend.. so i cant p[lay for a while... damn... i really need to, the last timew i played i got shot 7 times from less than a foot away... in a t shirt, that was like 3 months ago, still got a discolored patch of skin from it
  9. haha i play p. ball........ i have the sickest gun..... all black and chrome..... the dye boomstick barrel matches perfect..... man i love 2 shoot stuff

  10. Damn video games, lol
  11. cs_shoota i play, got a raced cocker what marker do you have? and no i havn't played stoned... that would be crazy lol.
  12. i got a tippmann 98c, i have a e bolt, but i broke it, im gunna learn how to sodder to fix it tho... the case that holds the battery fell off... tried to glue the battery on.. didnt work, wires came apart.... damn... i should have just bought a new gun... sold that and got a cocker, was lookin at some others too, the ultralight looked badass! expensive tho$984.99
  13. i started with a 98c to but moved up after about 6 months and build a custom cocker.

    don't get the dye ultralight its all looks and not worth it... you can get a freeflow cocker for that much and its a lifetime warranty, or just get an outkast wgp.
  14. ya, i dont know if im going to get one now, gunna save up some money first
  15. ya i practice every weekend, i play tournaments and stuff
    i shoot a matrix and i love it

    by the way im new to this site, and so far i like it alot, you'll probably see me around here a bunch:smoke:
  16. Yeah I play paintball. Playing high is fun. LOTS of fun.
  17. I have a friend whose son is a professional paintball player. I've seen him play in the world championships on ESPN a couple of times. He's flown all over the world playing in tournaments. His dad eevn set him up a store and he makes aliving selling paintball supplies. And to look at the guy, you would never believe that he is a paintball killer.

  18. whats his name, i prolly have seen him sometime, at a field or in a magazine or something...

  19. what team does he play for?

    also any of you guys post at or (pb nation is better)

    im mysterio at pbnation. and nightlife at

    i love matrixs my teammate has a NYX matrix and its so sweet. but nothing will keep my from my custom ccoker:)
  20. 2 weekends ago, me and a friend went and played, we wanted to smoke before, but forgot. i used to play all the time, then i met marijuana, and now all my money goes to my new hobby. i still love playing and i currently shoot a Smart Parts Impulse w/ vision and many other things. on both and pbreview, i am wantanelectro.

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