Paintball guns for sale?

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Hey, I'm looking for a decent paintball gun for a fairly low price. I'm on a budget because of my weed habits, but if anyone has a gun to sell, post up. I don't need a tank or anything, I just broke my gun and need a new one ASAP.

  2. I believe I still have my Tippman Custom 98 with a 14" sniper barrel and remote system....

    Sell it all for a pretty low price probebly... something like 75? dunno... just a thought.
  3. Yea I got a spyder TL plus with a custom products 14 inch blue barrel with remote and that jazz for sale sort of.
  4. I'll buy it, does it still work? PM me!

  5. just buy a shitty tippmann, theyll never break down.
  6. I would but they are like $100 when brand new, I don't have $100 to spend..

  7. I got a very nice automag that can help you get into the tourny scene. I think it might be a little more than your willing to spend but if your interested just pm me.

  8. lol automag in the tourney scene, your buggin

  9. Dont mean to contrdict u, but i have had the exact opposite thing with tippmans, all ive had them do is break down.

  10. ironicly i was thinking of selling mine. i have a spyder esp. electric trigger frame and my neighbor who owns a feild and shit modded the hell out of it for me.... lemme think about this. i might just sell it to ya

    edit: btw itll go for the right price ;)
  11. shit nvm... i have a nitro set up and just read you dont want the tank and shit :\
  12. Yeah, no shit.
  13. Water, I might buy everything you got, depending on what the price is. DurbanPoison already offered to sell me his 98 Custom for $50, and if I want the Ricochet 2k electroic hopper, it'll be $25 more. But can you get pics of your gun Water? And once again, how much for everything?

  14. fuck that, get a sling shot. i used to go paintballing the 'hood up in my younger days, and since you can hear or see a sling shot, id never get caught lol.
  15. well for everything (including a 12 volt VL hopper) prolly $125
  16. My X-modded e-mag can outshoot your matrix/shocker/ego. Give me an adjustable output tank (I only have a preset becuase I dont need to shoot so fast), and I'll shoot 30bps psp or nxl ramping.
  17. 30 bps? are you kidding me? i mean have an e-trig is nice for some auto but learn to fucking aim. u dont need to shoot that fast. i shoot 13bps. that fast tnought o hit anyone i played with.

    i mostly use burst fire. quick and accurate (dye teardrop barrel 12")

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