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Discussion in 'General' started by Dazedandconfuse, May 8, 2006.

  1. Well I wanna get a paintball gun. I go alot but I always just use my friends gun. Ive been looking at bob long intimidator markers.

    I was wonering if anyone knows wat would be a good setup. Like everything marker hopper air system. I really dont want to spend over a K on this.
  2. If i'm still current with the scene, most bob long intimidators are over a grand by themselves. You probably don't need a top of the line marker to start out with, I know you've been doing it for a while, but still. An excellant marker to start out with IMO would be a tippman A-5, or 98.

    I would also go with compressed air instead of C02. C02 can leak down the barrel when the marker is pointed down and can cause sloppy shots.
  3. tippman sucks, go with an angel. cuz theyre cheap (HA!)
  4. That wasn't very informative, and no they are not cheap, but they are great.
  5. Well, I'm more of an oldschool paintballer (I like pump guns and older, more unique guns). But I would say go with a PPS Blazer, I have one myself, and it's the nicest non-electro semi-auto marker I've used. Get one with a male stabilizer/bottomline setup and a nice barrel.
    If you don't like the Blazer I'd check out the AKA Viking (they're pricey, but REALLY nice)
    Loader: If you're not much of a paintsprayer a Viewloader Revolution should be fine, if you shoot a lot of paint, really fast, go with something by Halo.
    Gas system: Nitroduck 68/4500 or Crossfire 68/4500.
    Mask: go to your local proshop and ask to try some masks on and just choose something comfortable that has thermal lenses. (I like Vents, Dye, and JT masks)
  6. well if you seem kinda newish u dont really need a big top of the line gun... maybe sumthin like a Smart Parts Vision Impulse, or their new Ion .... or u can get Dye Matrix those are pretty cheap and fast as helll.... and get a halo b w/ rip and deff. use compressed air over CO2... like a 68/4500 tank
  7. ya if you have played already and know what your doing than dont waste your time on a tippman 98 or a-5

    i would deff say a smart parts ION

    or shocker, i shoot a shocker and absolutely love it!
  8. Yeah ima go with the ion on this one, friend has one, crazy light better than anything else I've ever shot and crazzy response trigger shoots like as fast as an automatic if you've got quick fingers
  9. Exactly... IF you know what your doing, stay away from the low end guns. Ion, Wrath, Impulse, Dm4 if you can find em cheap enough

    Hoppers: Halo B or EMpire reloader B. Vlocity is also nice. Viewloader Evolutions arent THAT bad either.

    Tank: Get a carbon fiber tank... I prefer 68 cubic inches and 4500psi... 47/3k's arent that bad either.
  10. The ion is definately the way to go, its got a lot of tournament legal modes if you want to play seriously and also modes for rec ball and is a simple easy to maintain marker. halo b hopper, and compressed air tank
  11. well if you got a shocker you could get the gun and tank for pretty cheap and its a max-flo tank

    wish i knew how to post pics

    i could show you my gun, its #503 so its pretty old i got it when they first came out and it hasnt given me any problems
  12. depends on your experience, judging my your post this is your first gun. I would not get a tippman, i have had nothing but bad luck with them. A spyder shutter is a great first gun, and its not that expensive!

  13. Yea im really liking the smart parts ion. I think im gonna go with that. Maybe a 16' barrel. Then a halo b hopper and a 68 4500 psi tank.

    I already got a helmet and pants gloves and jersey and shit so im done with that.
    I got the dye invisions helmet and it is the best helmet ive used. Well out of the 4 that ive used

  14. my flatline can hit you from twice the distance of an angel easily,..the sniper headshot :D
  15. the gun you get should depend on the terrain you play on..

    if you like to play close range in a box then get some over priced speedball marker but if your playing with buddies in the woods and shit pimp out a tippman or something like that.
  16. I thought this was gonna be a "i made a bong out of my paintball gun" :D
  17. buy my paintball gun, 50 bux plus shipping, pm me for details
  18. if your lookin for a complete setup for under a thousand then i could sell you my gear, i dont really play much anymore. this is what ive got

    Smart parts 2002 Impulse w/eyes and q-lock neck upgrade (blue)
    Halo B loader w/ rip drive
    a crossfire 92/4500psi
    a gun case
    two packs (both include pods)
    a pair of dye c4 gloves

    its a pretty good setup for somebody that doesnt want to blow all of their money on their equipment
    pm me if your interested
  19. lol well i temporarily quit paintball, but was about to go semi-pro, anywho..

    If you spending around 300 for just a gun - Ion
    600ish- Proto, Shockers, mabey a timmy
    UP- Dye Matrixs, or a nice 2k6 Timmy
    Dm's are just amazing they never get old
    any dm wether a dm4-pm6 etc....

    Airtank just go with crossfire, no better brand, and get either a
    Halo, Empire 2, or that new VL hopper (sry forgot name havent been up on PB lately)

    If you dont wanna be so serious and just play around, get an Ion and go from there
  20. I am a Huge paintball fan...been playin a good 7-8 years now, And from Personal Experience...

    I say you Can NOT go wrong with the Reliable Well Built Work horse of paintball guns, ...the Tippmann A-5...

    Now now now before you go kickn me in the balls...
    Speedball guns are better for lower profile...but ImHo...A5...I playd last weekend on Only Speedball feilds...couple kids out there had Ions,
    impules's..allmost you name it , it was out there...well Our team didnt Lose a single time... 3 A-5's against 3 Damn good speedball players...I took two of them down by my love the A5. heres some pictures...
    p.s Im runnin the W.A.S board on my grip getting up to 20bps. some Speedball guns cant even keep up with the Ricochet hopper..:smoking: main.jpg

    Oh yea I have the when certain paintball guns cant even Reach you...My gun can Still reach out and touch you pretty easily... 150Ft of strait shooting is nice eh

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