painkillers, you are my friend

Discussion in 'General' started by grass roots, May 6, 2004.

  1. what would i do without my daily dose of vicodin? i'd be way too stressed out and get a hernia or something.. life is too loud and obnoxious.. i just snorted two vicodins and another hydrocodon painkiller... i feel so relaxed, time for some music goddamnit :D

    mmm, the little v...

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  2. i too like pain killers. I wish i had a solid hookup, the only time I seem to be able to get them is when someone has some left from a prescription. How much do you pay a pill?
  3. rock on i love me painkillers :D... i love em! ...a few vic and a fat joint ...a recipe for heaven...
  4. Very, very rarely do painkillers come around here. Or maybe I just don't know anyone. But yeah, I wouldn't mind getting a good nights sleep with a few painkillers and a couple of bongs.
  5. can vioxx be abused? i have a leftover prescription.

  6. my friend is on a perscription for hydrocodon when he broke his elbow, and he can fill it up a few more times, he doesnt like them, so he gives them to me...

    i also have another hookup that gets them from a pharmacist and i never really have to pay him any MONEY. I usually smoke him out and he repays the favor with painkillers.

    the vicodin is limited, and i only have 10 left. i dont know when i can get anymore. My friends dad is perscribed vicodin for something, and my friend took some for me since he isnt into snorting stuff and just smokes weed....

    but yeah, its great fun to smoke and take some of these, good combination!

    i crushed up two into a perfect powder, no chunks at all, and put em in an old eraser holder and taped the top on. It's half full and waiting for me in the morning before classes :p

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  7. never snorted anything but that looks to me like a lot of shit to sniff through your nose. hows the drip on those taste? i've heard the drip from other pills like adderall tastes like candy or sumtin.
  8. Tastes like candy? Really? I've never heard of a good drip.
  9. i wouldnt say it tastes like candy.. and yes, its a lot to snort, but thats why you have two nostrils, right? :p

    the drip from adderall is a lot worse in my opinion. The vicodin tastes pretty bad when it firsts starts to drip, but not too bad, and if you drink a sip of water then it actually tastes fairly sweet...
  10. I recently has some fun with some hydrocodones. My best friend's mom had her appendix out a couple months ago and didn't take more than 2 or 3 of them so we had a little over 20 left that we took on a friday and saturday night. Neither of us snort, and I doubt we ever will, but it was fun. I enjoyed it, but I could see how having a source for them could become a problem. After those two days, I was feeling a slight withdrawal: a little constant headache, trouble sleeping, weird dreams. And I never dream. I agree it's fun, but be careful if you actually have a source for them.
  11. yeah that info about it tasting sweet/candy like is from a friend so i dunno, like i said i never snorted anything, does it hurt when you first start out? and i got a couple percocets, you can snort those right?
  12. another question, do you guys get itchy at all when you take pain killers? when i pop even 1 or 2 percocets, i get itchy, its not extreme or anything, and it feels good to itch, just wondering.
  13. yup, percocet is oxycodone though.. which i think is a lot better

    yeah it kinda hurts, but its a lot less painfull if you crush it up right. lots of people leave chunks and dont get it to a fine powder, then it really hurts....

    EDIT: nope, dont get itchy at all... but i dont take them orally, maybe its different...
  14. cool, how much would you/anyone else recommend to snort for the first time snorting anything. my pills are generic percocets got some number on em, 536? i can check later.
  15. generic brand you say? could it be a 512 instead? probably 5mg of oxycodone which isnt a large dosage...

    first time? just use one, see how you like it... change dose accordingly after that :p oxy's are pretty addictive though (damn opiates) so i wouldnt take them reguarly...

    edit: and when i say "take" i dont mean orally, im talking about nasally. You won't feel anything probably if you take it orally since it has a time release coat on it. Crushing it up makes you get the full dosage at once, lot more powerful but doesnt last as long..
  16. Ive got like a fucking MILLION hydros and percs, Im in heaven man. too bad I need em to get through the pain, I'll try to save some for fun.

    Just dont hump no chicks when your on em, it takes an frigging hour to get off! But then a gain some people may like not getting off soo soon...
  17. the Vic's you have are scripto's.....10mg of hydrocodone, i believe.....and the rest, is filler, mainly acetaphetamine (sp?)
    so your basically just snorting a bunch of asprin... your best bet would be to crush them up and parachute them....

    just crush em up, dump powder into a single ply sheet of t.p.... twist the paper around the pile of powderwhen you get it tight, tear off all the excess paper and down you lil paper bomb, lol..

    when the lil amount of t.p. you used reaches your stomach, the paper immeditly disolves sending all the powder "parachuting" into your belly, it basically just makes it dissolve faster and work a lil bit harder considering it'll all be hitting you at the same time...

    though, thats just my two cents and taking prescription drugs that you don't have scripts for is illegal... ;)
    but if you are gonna take, thats the better way...
  18. /\

    no big deal but acetamenophen is Tylenol not asprin.
  19. Opiates in any form can be just as addictive as coke or heroin, I think someone around here had a thread recently about a friend who was really really addicted to hydrocodones. I'll pop a vic or something if a friend has some but don't take them every day unless you're supposed to.

  20. uh oh, its... illegal?? i better stop now then! :p

    ... dont see how injesting the same amount orally would work better than snorting it. just doesnt seem logical to me...

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