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  1. Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual.
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  2. When alive.
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  3. Pain, give it to others before they give it to you.
  4. No.

    Inferior emotion, generally experienced during the failing of a system. Your health. Your family. Your life. Your sanity.

    People who think it is needed are limited in perception because their entire perception of reality is depended on experienced history. Because pain existed in the past, they cannot fathom an existence without pain in the future.
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  5. This struck a nerve, i get stuck in the past easily. I experience a lot of pain. would you explain how you think people become free from the dependence of pain? sometimes i have so much of it i will use it as fuel to destroy more than build.
  6. To be specific: I was saying "No" as in "If one can, one should always prefer an existence without pain to an existence with it." Obviously there are extreme exceptions, like where you experiencing pain might save your family etc, but those are rare exceptions.

    If one absolutely can't have a painless life, meaning pain is inevitable in their life for whatever reasons, then the mode one has to shift into is pain management. This is the acceptance of the inevitable pain, and proceeding with life as well as possible, while dealing with it. Obviously, not everyone succeeds at this, as pain (physical and emotional) can overcome people.

    If pain can be harvested as "fuel" , then I'd say that's beneficial as well, as long as the individual isn't getting used to it too much.
    Operating from a state of pain as the mental base, can have some negative side effects as well. Many a fictional villain were depicted with some sort of ailment that gnawed at them for years and/or deformed their body and mind as a result.
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    yes ik all about pain unfortunately but I don't need or like it.
  9. FUCK! Its such a basic emotion and people completely drown in it...
  10. Luckily for us, there are proven mechanisms of coping with it. Not all of it, but more and more of it.

    Loneliness can be cured with companionship. Physical pains are managed better and better through advances in medicine. Beneficial herbs like cannabis and certain unmentionables are helping more and more people live more comfortable lives.
    We haven't defeated pain, but I'd say we are gaining ground against it, at least in the 1st world. I still have not ruled out the possibility of a utopia within the next 2-3 decades or so.
  11. Painkillers for everyone!!! :D
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  12. Give me a world where virtual reality, robotics, pharmacology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence are advanced enough to provide me with an eternal honeymoon .. with a beautiful, sexy .. feminine .. humanoid, digital/mechanical lesbian partner who understands me and knows how to bring me out of my shell .. better than any mortal who has ever walked this Earth.

    Fuck people's disapproval, I just wanna be happy....

    ... but then, at the back of your mind, you kinda realize....

    .. you do care about what people think of you, how they view you. Your public image.

    Maybe .. wealth, power .. and having a good public image is a more worthwhile pursuit than personal happiness.

    It never ends well, but it's still a worthwhile pursuit .. just to shut everybody up.
  13. That's the message that Hip Hop has been trying to convey for decades..

    Money, power and Fame doesn't guarantee happiness .. but it certainly guarantees revenge, against everybody who ever insulted you, doubted you, made fun of you when you were broke, at your lowest ... .... getting punched in the face every day, by teachers, parents, family, fake friends ... cops, bosses, etc.

    As much as I'd love to escape into a virtual world and live a life of drugged-out bliss .. I just have too many scores to settle.
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  14. The Law of Attraction. Try that and see if your feelings dont change.
  15. ...idk how to make it subside.

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