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  1. What exactly is pain and what is its purpose? It can be said that it is an unpleasant feeling for the purpose of bringing attention to a particular area of the body. Given this simple af definition, is it possible to heal the unpleasantness with attention?

    As a child I always felt pain was such an ambiguous term, I never knew what a "cold" was for instance. Stuffy nose, sore throat, and a cough? What if I have one of the 3, or that and my jaw is sore? You can explain it all you want, but you would never know one is going through.

    So, how do you deal with pain? What do you think of those twitches in your upper cheek or water droplets on your arms or the feelings that come and go in a flash?

  2. I'm pretty sure pain is used to alert your body that you're in trouble, when you're sick your constantly feeling unwell because your body is fighting some sort of infection, when you're in pain because you tore a muscle the sensation tells you exactly where it is. How i deal with pain is knowing that i can get through it and at the end it'll be all better. The best superpower a human has is to forget the feeling of pain.
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  3. Pain of 100% nateral child birth i reckon is to make ya appreciate wat you went through and are willun to go through again and again to get yr beautiful offspring - your bloodline. U love yr child no matter wat but the pain shows we will go through anything to reproduce and survive. Survival of the fittest etc . I know im talking shit but i do believe the shit i speak in this case. ☺xxxx
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  4. I too have wondered that. Being that my girlfriend is in pretty serious pain constantly, I think about it more often than I otherwise would.

    If I had such pain, I would really try some long sessions of attention healing to see if I could get any results. I can't convince her to try it though.
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  5. The best thing by far that helped me deal with and understand pain better(and all these distractions in life in general) is Meditation. When you meditate often you become much more aware and understanding of everything. Its like you are sitting back and watching life create and form into existence in front of your eyes. You become more align with source and the closer you get the more you realize its only you here. Everything else is a reflection of self. So be kind and loving to yourself and watch the kindness reflect back to you.

    Don't expect it just flow naturally and smile as you understand this is your game you created to grow and know thyself.
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  6. Pain is recognition of life, in the fact that existing is painful.
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  7. Precisely. You're the observer and only ever the observer. Hell you're not even this body.

    Norse, do it with any kind of pain. It's not magical in that it heals itself within X amount of time. However, if you apply the mentality of "I know this feeling to be of help to myself, and I allow it to enter and heal that part of me which needs healing" without necessarily knowing what, how, or even why you're doing it...your energy patterns fill in the gaps. And eventually, it will become evident what it was, or maybe not, yet you KNOW something has changed.

    Kym...have you has natural child birth? How was that haha. I can't even imagine.

    Honestly, I think this subject is one where you get it, or ya don't. You're with it, or you cower. People underestimate how much their mental state has to do with their suffering.

    "Time don't go back, it go forward
    Can't run from the pain, go towards it
    Some things can't be explained, what caused it?" Jay-Z

    " I stay in tune with the sun, stars and moon
    Cause behind bars you're doomed if your mind can't consume
    Plus spiritual pain can bring forth physical reign
    And without knowledge of self how else can a criminal change?"
    - AZ

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    love the thread. pain is like gravity pushing on you to help spring growth and development. It will never completely go away but the lighter you become in thought about emotion the better bloom you'll receive and better yielding results that make the pain worth it, because its gone and now your free. so yeah i believe that sending a signal to a part of the body that needs attention is correct.
    mind and matter are the same we are a product of pain and joy :2 cents
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  9. Hi. Love ya post. Deep but true.. and yes.. was nit in time for any hospitals etc. No pain relief... ooccchhhh. But due to pain i pushed my girl out in record time i was told after. I just remember thinking get her out then pain will stop and it did. No pain no gain.. Two pushs and Bingo pain gone!!! (except wen went for a pea and though sum one cut my bits off wi a razor blade lol) but moral us if i ad been in hopsital wi pain relief i dont think i wood as been so adiment to fight and get the job done. We need pain to survive and learn... i definately learnt the hard way the child birth hurts lol. Xxx

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