Pain and Sufferring...

Discussion in 'General' started by Unknown, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. Yeah, well lets see here...
    Oh yes. My girlfriend just got pissed off at me and shoved my manhood in her dresser drawer and slammed it several times. I now am feeling immense pain in my lower body, and my legs have gone numb. I also seem to be spewing up blood, my genitals are now a bloody pulp...

    Now, does anyone remember the number for 911?
  2. *cringes*

    I hate it when that happens.
    And though I'm just not a violent or agressive person in general, male or female you would be meeting a similar fate as I if you did that to me. An eye for an eye and a dick for a kooch.
  3. Dude!!! What did you do to deserve that??????

    It must've been bad if she crushed your cock......

  4. All I can say is "Ouch"!!!!!!! You may never be able to have kids now!!!!!! Damn........I can be quite a bitch but I've never thought about doing that to anyone!!!!!!!
  5. Yeah, I don't think it's right to go after a man's stuff like that with vengeance. I could hurt a man if I reallly wanted or needed to but he'd have to do something absolutely horrible to deserve that.
  6. Well, maybe I over dramatized...heh ;)

    But she did slam my balls and now they're quite brused...but no spewing blood...yet,and she says "Oh I was just playing."

    How the FUCK is that just playing!!?!?!
  7. And to think...I thought I was gonna get a handjob...

  8. why were your testicles hanging over the edge of the drawer?
  9. I've herd of balls to the walls but damn in the drawer.

    Sounds to me like you knew thewre was more than a hand job coming........

    I don't let a woman touch me unless I know i'm in the clear of dangerous objects!

    I hope the pain goes away.. Make her give you sucky sucky now!
  10. Fuck that!!! If i had her gimme a sucky sucky, she'd probably bit it off!
  11. If I am honnest I would reccomend that you NEVER EVER do anything to piss her off again!!! HEHE... think of your two gentlemen of verona!

  12. Well see, my room is quite small, with the dresser next to my bed.. she unzipped my pants and errmmm...pulled it out. Then well somehow i got in an upword position and...bam!..bam!..bam!....

    She thought it was funny as fuck.

    Bitch, wonder how it would feel if I ran over her tits with my quad...heh

    Oh well, its doing better now, at least the constant pain went away, but now i got worse problems....the popo.

    Looks like im having a bad luck streak
  13. While I can't help laughing hysterically, not at your poor little friends there, but at the image of your eyes popping out of your head like Woody Woodpecker....

    WTF did you let her put your balls in the drawer for? I don't have any, but if I did I don't think I would let them near a drawer......?

    Well, I will light one up for ya and hope it still works the same as it did before...
  14. I should punch her in the tits until she passes out. :)
  15. hahahahahahaha

    You can get her back.

    Go down on her and pull her clit-hood back.....
    Never done it myself (never had to) but many women say it hurts....

  16. Oh yeah did I also mention shes my grandma?

    J/k of course. lol
  17. yeah..i was umm..wonderin..why did you put your dick in a drawer? lol
    now thats a fetish i want no part of

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