paid 20$ to get high once.....

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  1. So i front a friend's neighbor 20 bucks to get what i thought was going to be some nugs in a bag. Wait till later in the day to hit her up and she tells me it's gonna be another day before anything could happen. Apparently her guy was going through another guy who was dicking him around. Now this is where i should of pulled out of the whole thing she claims her guy is getting bomb so i say ok. i call her the next day ask whats up and said her guy still wasn't available. After wating some more hours i finnaly decide to text her for my money back. not long after that she calls and guess what? Her guys suddenly on deck and she's about to leave.

    While this girls away she gives me a call and says her guy only has moonrocks instead of regular nugs for some reason. Seeing as how i had no other options but to through her at this point i accepted the offer. She said her guy would drop off some extra nugs the next day as a courtesy so i agree. Come nighttime i finnaly get my bag and all thats in it is teeny little moonrock nugget, just enough for a bowl. At this point im under the assumption her guys actually gonna be cool enough to drop a few little nugs. Come the next day and guess what? Her dude is suddenly out and won't have shit anytime soon.

    The point where I threw hands up and walked away from the situation is when she acted like her guy was being a freaking martyr for saying he would drop some more off.

    I know I was gonna pay 20 bucks for a nug, but the only reason I event went along with this absolute joke of a deal was cause I thought I was really gonna get something extra dropped off by a cool was dealer.

    Oh well it all serves me right I guess.
  2. Never front money for weed.

    I've said this many times here, my money doesn't come out of my wallet until I've seen the weed and smelled it.
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  3. Ya it wasn't the best idea, but she was freinds with my friend and his neighbor to boot so i thought it'd all be ok. The only reason i even still tolerated this joke of a deal after seeing what was in the bag was being told he'd be cool enough to drop me a little extra tommorow.

    Oh well dunce caps for me i suppose.
  4. Never front money.

    Trust no one....especially your "neighbors." Like, I've lived in the same neighborhood for over 20 years and I still don't know 98% of who the fuck lives around me. I know the smell of weed learn to trust your gut instincts and not your blue balls, mate. Lesson learned, eh?
  5. moonrocks are about 25 bucks a gram in california so for 20 you get less than a gram and your middleman taxed you hard. These kind of posts make me ever so greatful that i am in a legal state.
  6. Moon rocks at that cheap in Cali? The only people around here who have them sell that for 35....
  7. I think most of us have learned this one. Nothing shittier than the feeling of being completely ripped-off when looking to get ripped.

    Take it as a life-lesson man.

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  8. Always have an emergency stash...being dry and getting weed is like walking into a grocery store hungry...going to end up spending more than you meant to and getting worse items.

    If you toke up before you do any deals it will almost ALWAYS work out better...unless you are a mature smoker who can go a day or 2 to find the right deal.

    Lesson learned, I've gotten ripped before myself, by just really wanting to get high. Donkey/Carrot thing man...

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