Pacquiao vs Mosley

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Agent 86, May 8, 2011.

  1. You can't compare the two. Mma fighters wouldn't last in mma and vice versa, two different sports and techniques to both. I find boxing more enjoyable to be honest and not boring at all.
  2. Yuh I'd much rather watch boxing.
  3. You cant compare the two in terms of match ups, like James Toney got beat by Couture, Nick Diaz is gonna get beat by Lacy. But you can compare quality of fights, ppv buys, revenue (by the promotions), and interest.

    I like boxing but they're not putting on fights that I want to see, the last few boxing matches i've seen have been very lackluster, rarely do I feel like mma has wasted my time I get that feeling alot watching boxing. After the 5th round of tonights fight I started paying more attention to bellator on mtv2.

    My interest in the sport has pretty much died, unless Pac or Mayweather are fighting I couldn't care less. Thats how alot of boxing fans i talk to feel too. IMO it's a dying sport and mma has already eclipsed it. Thats just how I feel from what i've heard and seen.
  4. Manny > Mayweather

  5. In that aspect then yes I can see where yall are coming from, thanks for pointing that out because I never really thought about that. MMA is a great sport but I guess I lack interest in the same way you lack interest in boxing, there aren't fights I really care to watch. I guess it really just comes down to personal preference because if you really like the sport you can watch almost anybody fight because you get into it and start to judge/score the fight yourself and that's what really drive it.

    As far as Mayweather and Pac doubt I think Pac Man would eat him up, he's over rated and way to damn cocky to be honest. What makes Pac Man so great in my eyes is his ability to be so humble and he's not the trash talking type, he proves his self in the ring time and time again but still respects the fighters he beats and admits on what he can improve.
  6. To each his own bro :smoke:

    I didn't necessarily mean Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, I like em both and if they're fighting, doesn't matter who I'm most likely gonna watch. I love watching Mayweather fight, his style is second to none to me, Pacquiao is my favorite but i'd take Mayweather in that fight. Maybe not now because Mayweather has been away for too long but in their primes i'd take Mayweather.

    Trash talking sells though, you never see Mayweather bring in his pre fight hype into the ring after the fight, even with Zab after he low blowed him and hit him in the back of the head he still shook his hand and hugged him after the fight. I find it entertaining, adds some spice to the fight cuz that guy becomes the heel and more and more people buy to see the other guy win.
  7. Mayweather has had 1 fight in the last couple of years. Pac-Man just put on a clinic. Mayweather is older and just makes up BS to get away from fighting him.
  8. this was the first boxing card ive ordered in a long time. back in the 90s it was way more exciting, now with mma i get bored watching boxing so fast.

    main event was a good fight. a lot closer than i thought it would be
  9. Mayweather didn't put on a clinic against Mosley a year ago either?

  10. Don't matter... Pac-Man is younger and actually fighting.
  11. Norm Macdonald is laughing all the way to the bank! haha

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