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packing the perfect bowl.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stickey_fingerz, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. how do you guys pack your bowls, how long do they go around...

    i prefer breaking it off the main stem and then just into little balls and pack it tight..goes around 2 heads probably 12-15 times depending on our hits.
  2. there's already a thread for this, but i'm too lazy to look for it..

    i don't break the weed up completely, or grind it, but i don't just shove the whole nug in, i just break it up into a good 3 or 4 pieces and it burns fine.
  3. Does your bowl hold a gram?
  4. #4 TheFlyinBurrito, Feb 19, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2009
    i got a chillum so i take a .4-.6 g nug stem side down, and toke!
    i never count howb many tokes i get i just enjoy
  5. Thank your sir.
  6. my normal pipe i use only fits like .7 or .8 in it but i have a chief pipe that could fit like a good 1.5 if you stuffed it in there.
  7. no, y would you think it holds a gram, i didn't mention any size of the bud i was breaking down, and i wouldn't use all of the bud i did break down, i go through an 1/8th in 5 days by myself.
  8. damn dude you must have no tolerance...

    if i had an eighth it would be too damn hard not to smoke it all within the first session..

    i mean i'd probably smoke a good blunt with it and be high for a bit..

    but i'd end up finishing that eighth within a couple of hours.

  9. wow you're cool.
  10. i bet you feel cool trying to call me out.
  11. same here. weed doesnt last for me like it used to. 1/4 a day is expensive
  12. Because when i pack a bowl its .3 and only goes around 4 maybe 5 tops w/ 2 heads. wondering how you can get 12-15 hits on 2 heads.
  13. yeah dude i miss being a lightweight, it only took like 2 or 3 hits off a blunt and i was good for a couple of hours.

    remember those good old days when you didn't have to pay so much for weed?
  14. its not that i have a low tolerance, its that i feel no need to get any higher then where i get to, it last a couple hours for me then ill smoke another bowl
  15. Haha took words out of my mouth. Cheese you suck.
  16. i usually just grind it up in my grinder, take it out pack it lightly so its not too packed, usually i just load one hitters outta my bong. But if i pack a bowl in my smaller dry pipe with 3 heads it goes around twice. But with my big Rasta pipe it hold close to a gram if not more its a monster bowl, that thing will go around like 4 5 times with 3 heads
  17. fuck you guys and your little shenanigans.

    why on earth are you even on here if you just look for people to criticize?

  18. YOUUUUU SOUNDD COOOLLLL LAWLS!!!!!! oh yea i was just posting this not knowing the subject matter just by glancing at the words led me to post that youre cool haha im stoned
  19. I only smoke one or two bowls a sesh but they're two layer bowls of ground weed with kief in the middle.

    I generally do a few sessions of those bowls a day. We've had some bomb northern lights on campus so our bowls have been killer.
  20. and that is why you sound like a tool...anyone else care to rhyme??

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