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Packing small bowls.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hakennase, May 9, 2006.

  1. If there's one major weed-peeve that I have, it's the people who pack small bowls. I mean, what's the point of packing up half a bowl amongst two people? The best one is when someone has a bowlpack left and they pack it up halfway so they can "save some to get high later." 1/2 a bowl pack doesn't get anyone high. When I pack a fat bowl, I expect to be matched with a fat bowl. I know a couple people who pack up skimp bowls, and in return I pack a extra fat bowl and usually they won't finish toking it. Just had to get that off my chest.
  2. Maybe me apologizing to you will help. haha. I hate to admit this, I smoke alone so often that when I do smoke with people and I pack, I forget to pack a full bowl... Old habits die hard. So my dear Hakennase, I am sorry. :smoking: tehee
  3. so when you're blazing to your dome you don't pack it full? youre cheating yourself out of a high. IMO.
  4. Pff to each his own, if some1 wants to pack a small bowl, then they can go ahead. If you like packing fat bowls then thats very generous of you...
    edit: I pack halves for my dome too, I dont "cheat myself" at all, I smoke however much I want.
  5. i'm too generous with weed for my own good
  6. to each his own does not apply when you're matching someone. matching bowls is matching bowls. not matching 1/2 bowls.
  7. when I have schwagg Ill pack a salad bowl..who cares

    Right now ive got some good dank stuff...I get ripped off of a couple i only pack a tiny bowl when by myself...just enough for 5-6 hits
  8. oooooh Hakennase I wasn't talking about matching. There is an equal amount of weed smoked out of both stashes. I would NEVER ever do that. I am normally the one who smokes my friends out for free. I don't mind at all.

    There's a thread on here where people dicuss various packing techniques. I find packing a smaller or half bowl tastes better while the whole bowl is being smoked and it's easier for packing... When I am with people I always forget, and I actually do perfer more weed in the bowl. It is just be doing what comes natural and not thinking about what I'm doing. My apology stands.
  9. I just pack half bowls because by the time I get to the last 3 or 4 hits of a fat bowl it has all that resin and tastes like shit.
  10. To tell you the truth, I just smoke whats in the bowl and pack what I pack. I dont pay attention.
  11. I'm the same way Rasta_Man... The eay I see it, even if you give someone weed all the time, dont expect something in return. If you smoke someone out, it should be to get high, not to get weed back later. Of course it is the polite thing to do, but its called personal freedom. If someone's GIVING you something in my opinion, at least they're giving you something....

    A few weeks ago I picked up and my friend didnt have any money to chip in, so I smoked him out. This was the best weed we've ever smoked togethor, and I gave him like a gram of some dank nugs after I had to leave for work... The way I see it, I would've smoked that much with him if I could stay, and I dont want to leave him with nothing.
  12. The best nug I've ever had in my life I split with friends who were dry for their first day of school.

    That's what I call generous :hello:
  13. I love to pack trump bowls. If i am smoking people it's my goal to make sure they are BLAZED:smoking: :D
  14. yea, i really only smoke alone at all times, so im used to packing small bowls. But if i was smokin with someone it'd be a special occasion and id pack a fatty lol.

    But i totally know what the Original Poster means. It is pretty annoying when you agree to match someone, and then when it's their turn to pack they go "I don't have much so i gotta same some for later" or something and pack a small bowl.

    But oh well, everything isnt fair, and if your gonna smoke with someone, really smoke with em.
  15. i always match bowls and i expect others to do the same. they dont have to and its not to big of a deal if they dont but i think they should. The only time i was low on bud and smoking with someone that did nto know i am usally ready to smoke tones i said i dont have much how about we each fill half the bowl, this we we get a full bowl each time. We ended up smoking two bowls between two people and all was good. I am sure we could of smoked more but we got high and thats what i wanted.

    also when i was at my friends and we got some danky dank I was like lets take green hits out of teh roor so they where one hitters but there was always a little left over, after a while we got tired of loading one hitters and loaded a phat bowl passed it around and chilled while the sweet sounds of doors sunk into our skulls.
  16. do you have a link to this packing bolw thread. my friend can pack volcano bowls perfectly all day long. I mean i was amazed how much he fit into my bubbler without the bud falling overboard and when we passed it the cherry never went out after the second hit and it never smoked. I mean while passing the bowl no smoked raised out fo teh bowl but when you wen to take a hit it cherried right up till the end. I was amazed to say the least.
  17. Some people pack smaller bowls so they can get green hits all the time, I usually pack like half a bowl and corner hit it 3-5 hits its toasted and so am I, half a bowl of headies is more than enough, I love the taste so packing a full bowl seems pointless :smoke:

    If half a bowl of isnt enough for ya pack another, still not enough? pack another dont be lazy just cause your hazy :smoking:
  18. when i macth a bowl i make sure to macth first most the time so i can sort of "set the standard" at the table forsay. I mean if i trow down a montainess bowl of humungus proportion then yea i expect that back but sometimes you get cheated
  19. when me and my brother and his friends are smokeing we dont pay attention to how we pack the bowls but just smoke wht ever comes our way and talk and enjoy the conversation and high............comming from our parants who were old hippys and still are hippys
  20. R u telling me I can pack only half a bowl and it will still work, I have been cheating myself ouyt of weed, JK I pack what I want and more if there is company. JOE>

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