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Discussion in 'General' started by Eric111E, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Has anyone ever just packed their shit and moved to a different state? I got about $3000 and I'm ready to get out of FL. I'm not sure exactly where I'll go but Phoenix is looking good to me. I quit my job today and looking to hit the restart button in life. Has anyone done this before? Any suggestions on places to check out?
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  2. I packed my tings and moved to A diff country lol
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  3. I went to sober living in cali for 2 months if that counts... it was a fun experience. stayed sober for some time and enjoyed the state. I wanna go back and do more things though. I'm now getting myself back together so I can figure out my next move. I'm also in FL
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  4. Yes. I did. It turned out to be a disaster and now i'm back and picking up the pieces.

    Took a chance and it didn't pay off.
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  5. Whatever you do have some sort of plan. And a source of income also. 3gs will probably get you four.months down the road
  6. Hell yeah! Nearly a year and half ago I was living in Orlando FL. I got sick and tired of all the crap going on there with my job and roommates, so I packed up what I could (pretty much just the clothes on my back and from my dresser) and took a bus to where I live now.
  7. Yup .. I went from Cali to Nevada w/ $150,000 in the bank & $4,000 as my pocket money .. people always ask what happened to all that dough i like to tell'em half of it went to bullshit, bluntz & beer & the other half i wasted ..
    $3,000? is how much it took to get me established like security deposits, first months rent, dmv fees to transfer license plates, get new driver licenses, register my car etc .., then utilities had to be connected like cable, electricity, phone, etc .. then i had to go grocery shopping, then get cell phone service .. yeah by the time i was established, i had like $500-$1000 for my pocket money & realized moving & establishment costs a grip .. i even had to deal with storage fees & shit .. i wuz lyke wow moving from state to state is expensive .. so my advice to you Op is too move with a shit load of dough bcuz 3,000 alone will have you strugglin wherever you end up at ..
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  8. That's a good chunk of $ brother, and your idea seems fun. But not very well planned out

    "Phoenix is looking good" sounds good enough for now but what city, what price range, job availibilities ect...

    Never uprooted states but traveled all directions to live sometimes several hours away and unless you are about to establish your new life somewhere, then just picking up and going will turn into a disaster.

    Just my 2 cents. Research a lot more. Sounds like your motivation and savings is well enough to get a start.

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  9. Hate to be this guy but it sounds like you fucked up my good friend, for that would be a mistake I could never afford! Also I grew up in LV it's not cheap at all

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  10. Well thats your opinion .. I mean sure i screwed the money part up but beside that, LV livin isnt that bad ive been livin here for 12 years and its way cheaper than cali ..
  11. I am ready to do what your doing, I wish you luck. Thinking about saving up for Colorado myself, or any other state besides the one im in will due, shit I don't care as long as I can get out of the conservative Mid-West.
  12. Oh my apologies. I was operating under the assumption that you had to move back! Ya LV is sick. Used to live at the very top of the mountains near the Walmart supercenter and skate from there to the end of the strip daily. Bliss

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  13. Lol. Kansas or Missouri? Phaha. I love and hate KCMO. I don't know how to feel

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  14. It can definitely be done. The less cash you have then the less fun it will be at first. 3k isn't much unless you find low rent areas but it can get you started.

    A job can be found but how quickly depends on the area and your standards. Unless you are in a high demand sector or an existing job where you can transfer then it is near impossible to find employment before you move. Phoenix shouldn't be hard to find a crappy job such as fast food or box store retail. It may suck but those types of jobs can get you by until something better comes along.
  15. We relocated to Co from the Sotuheast about a year and a half ago and love it but prices are absolutely crazy here and not getting better any time soon. You can find cheaper areas but they usually also have higher unemployment rates. Everything else is reasonable but housing is at a huge premium. Its worth it to me though, the Rockies are amazing and we have some of the best smoke in the world.
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