Pacers V Heat Series Game 7?

Discussion in 'General' started by 2313, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Has anyone been paying attention to the series at all? The Pacers are my second favorite team, I'm not a bandwagon fan and I've been following Paul George since his days in Fresno State. I think the Pacers has the mental toughness to stop LeBron from getting to the hoop. I really think the Pacers can go into Miami tmrw and win game 7. As far as the NHL goes lets got Bruins, Boston Strong. Anyone agree?
  2. I hope pacers win. Then it will be an easier win for the SPURS
  3. I fell ya and I really do hate LBJ but if I were betting on this game I would go Miami all the way. LBJ is one of those special players that can just will his team to win, especially in this situation. It also doesn't hurt that its in Miami and his second, third, and fourth options are Wade, Bosh, and Ray Allen. They just have to much talent.
    Only the hundreds and hundreds of members in the sports section of the forum :)
    Mental toughness to stop LeBron's physical ability? Please explain.
  5. from the beginning of the season i called this... i just wanted to put that out there. put this happened last season and heat came back. they cannot stop bron. sorry
    That's a really dumb question. Roy Hibbert's post defense is greatly enhanced by his telekinesis
  7. I'd like to see them take the Heat...I just don't think it will happen, Miami is pretty beast, not only that but I want to see the Spurs kick the shit out of 'em.
    Cause you know damn well this is the Spurs Chip. :cool:
  8. pacers all the way, and me as well been watching P.G since fresno state. ever since he hit that game winner and posterized dunk in 08. one of my favs. pacers have hibbert, west, hill, stephenson(also one of my favs) green hansbrough augistine. enough to beat the heat. but im not saying this is going to be a blow out. really going to be an interesting game 7
  9. yeah right. heat winning this year and next year. 3-peat!
    I'll remember this when the Spurs win. :cool:
  11. Heat will win since they'll be at home. 
  12. Pacers play a tough style of defense and force people to shoot jump shots. The pressure is on the Heat and Wade and Bosh don't contribute. LeBron can't carry the Heat all the time, he has been worm down by the physical toughness of the Pacers on defense. The Pacers have the guys to stick it out, win the battle on the boards, and close out this series.
  13. It will be close but pacers will prevail.
  14. Fuck Boston

    Heat will win

    Spurs are goin down!!!!
  15. IMO Indiana has a better starting line up then Miami. If the Heat cant find a way to guard David West and Roy Hibbert then Indiana will Make it to the finals. George Hill, Lance Stevenson, and Paul George have been consistantly playing good games. So I know there going to go all out in Game 7 

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