PA burners?

Discussion in 'General' started by tokehouse, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. is anyone around here a pa toker? message me
  2. im from pa! LOL where u stay at?

    we should deff chill sometime
  3. Western PA here.

    There is already a thread or two of PA tokers if you search.
  4. oldskool where in west pa u live?

    philly on this end. and havent there been 2 different thread about this already in the last week?
  5. North of Pittsburgh, South of Erie. Sorry if I don't care to narrow it down much farther than that here ;)
  6. so ur south of me

  7. you could just say: "WHere it smells like dead fish."

    haha, j/k. but seriously, it does. :D

    P H I LL Y B R E A D
  8. haha, yea it does smell there.

    yea i'm in the same area as oldskoolgrower, north of pitt, south of erie.
  9. my sis goes to U of Pitt
  10. I'm in the same area as overgrowray and oldschoolgrower... north of pittsburgh south of erie
  11. man it would be cool if all pa growers came on here
  12. There needs to be a Western PA growers group created:hello:
  13. south of pitt, here
  14. yea im kinda by you all im west of DC but east of salem, oregon
  15. erie.....a city built for nothing....where you can get mids just about one of the only people getting the strains around here

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